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Baptism Gifts for Boys from Grandparents

Baptism Gifts for Boys from Grandparents

The following article suggests some unique and interesting ideas on baptism gifts for boys from grandparents. Read on to know what to gift the baby boy to make the ceremony memorable...
Aastha Dogra
When a baby is baptized, the day is very special for him and his family. The child may take years to realize the importance of this ceremony, but for his family, it is a day of great celebration, the memories of which they will cherish forever! That's why, baptism gifts, that are given on this day to the baby, by close friends and family members, should be chosen with a lot of care and consideration. The gifts should be such that they commemorate this ceremony and once in a lifetime occasion. And if the gifts are given by grandparents or godparents, even more so!

Thoughtful Baptism Gifts

Cutlery Set
Silver gifts always make for a great gift idea. One of the most useful silver gifts is to give the child a cutlery set, including small forks, spoons, plates and other utensils, which a child can have his first meal in. Very thoughtful and cute gift indeed, especially if it comes from the grandparents!

One of the most unusual baptism gifts is to give the baby boy a rosary necklace which has his birthstone engraved in the pendant. According to astrology, wearing one's birthstone is very lucky and auspicious for a person. So, bring love and luck into the life of the child by gifting him this rare jewelry piece.

Gift Baskets
Another useful gift is to prepare a gift basket which has things like baby clothes, baby booties, diapers, baby powder and soap, sweaters, blankets, etc in it. The parents of the baby boy would love to receive such a gift as all these items will come very handy when taking care of the baby.

Bible and a Cross
A bible and a cross make for a good and religious baptism gift. As this is a pretty common gift, to make it special, get the cross made in gold, put it in a gold chain and then gift it to the baby boy! With this gift, the little child will have something to believe in and cherish, throughout his life!

Diaper Cake
For those of you who want to add some fun to the baptism ceremony, a diaper cake is an ideal gift! Although, it may seem a bit far stretched, but everyone attending the ceremony is sure to remember this fun gift from grandparents for a very long time! Make sure to give something else, along with this gift, as being grandparents, your gift should carry some weight.

Flashy and colorful toys, which attract a child's attention and also aid in his learning in some way, are other popular gift choices. By gifting such toys, grandparents are in a way offering some relief to the parents. As kids get busy playing with these toys, it will give some time to the parents to relax and enjoy in each other's company!

Personalized Photo Frame
Personalized gifts, which have the baby's name, date of birth and date of christening ceremony engraved on them are always welcomed as baptism gifts. These days, personalized photo frames which have a Christian blessing on one side and an adjacent empty space to keep the baby boy's photo, are available. So, you can get such photo frames, insert the photo and gift it to the boy during the ceremony. The parents can keep this frame in their bedroom or in the child's room. Every time they look at it, it will remind them of your sweet and thoughtful gesture!

With the coming of the baby, there is a lot of financial stress on the parents. Hospital bills, medication costs, new purchases for the baby - parents have to spend on a lot of things. To ease their financial burden, grandparents can give them cash or investment certificates. They can even open up an education fund for the boy and contribute to it from time to time. This gift will be very useful for the parents and they will never ever forget your help!

When it comes to choosing baptism gifts, they should be useful, fun, rare or possess a religious sentiment! Whatever type of gift that you choose for the baby boy, remember, it should be such that everyone around, especially the parents, appreciate it immensely! One more thing - the gift from the grandparents should stand out from the rest!
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