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11 Cool Gift Ideas for Minecraft Addicts

11 Cool Gift Ideas for Minecraft Addicts

Is your boyfriend, friend, or anybody close to you, addicted to Minecraft? And is their birthday or anniversary around the corner? Don't sweat!! This GiftinGlory article has compiled a list of 11 gift ideas for Minecraft addicts.
Ashmeet Bagga

Did You Know?
Minecraft is an Important subject!! A school in Stockholm has made Minecraft a compulsory subject for 13-year-old students, the school believes this will help the students to improve their creativity and develop their thinking.
Conceptualized and created by Markus Persson, Minecraft is a sandbox building construction game where players have the freedom to choose how they want to play the game. The basic theme of this game is to build any structure of any shape and size they want. The game comprises various 3D objects and represent various elements like dirt, stone, water, and tree trunks.
So, for someone who is a Minecraft addict, your duty to present a gift worthy enough for your boyfriend or friend just got simpler. Given below are a variety of gift ideas for those hooked onto Minecraft. The following gifts are not occasion specific and can be gifted on anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, or any other special occasion.
Minecraft Diamond Pendant

Want her to fall head over heels in love with you? Then get her a Minecraft diamond pendant and tell her your brave story about how you dug this piece from the Earth to drape it around her neck. This is a gift that every female Minecrafter can't seem to have enough of. It looks very delicate and will make your girl feel like royalty just like a princess in the Minecraft world. Its shining silver chain and blue-colored pendant is bound to give a jealous smirk on the faces of her female friends. It compliments very well with any outfit, but preferably a Minecraft one.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Diamond Pendant
Light-up Redstone Ore

Scared of sleeping in darkness? Or want to sleep by the soft light of Minecraft redstone ore light? This will keep the boogieman from coming out of your closet. It's a beautiful piece that emits soft light, and you can tap once for low light, second time for medium, and a third time for bright. Perfect for kids who are scared to sleep in the dark. It has the perfect red light, it is also available in blue color too, you can even manually change the settings for the time duration. It comes with an auto-shut function, where the ore light will switch off after 3 minutes of continued use. It requires only 2 size AA batteries and weighs 6 ounces.
Website to Buy: Light-up Redstone Ore
Creeper Hoodie

This is perfect for those Minecraft fans who just love to wear hoodies. It is available in various sizes, and made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester with extra soft exterior to keep your hoodie fan warm and soft. Suitable for machine wash, no hand wash required. But make sure to pull up your hoodie and scare your friends unexpectedly.
Website to Buy: Creeper Hoodie
Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

A day spent slogging at Minecraft can be exhausting, and all you want to do is grab your favorite drink. That's why a bottle opener for your MInecraft-crazy friend is an amazing gift. This will ensure that they always think about you before they crack open their drink. It has a small hole and loop at the top so that it can be hung at a proper place and not lose it anywhere.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener
Minecraft T-shirt

Minecraft fans would love to roam around in Minecraft T-shirts; after all, they are proud to be addicts of this game. There are a wide variety of Minecraft T-shirts available like glow in the dark T-shirt, periodic table of Minecraft, I love Minecraft, etc. A very popular Minecraft phrase, Like A Boss T-shirt is a favorite among the kids, and the design is officially licensed from the makers of Minecraft. These T-shirts are available in nice contrasting colors to suit everybody's needs and tastes.
Website to Buy: Minecraft T-shirt
Minecraft Phone Case

A mobile case can be a high priority for many smartphone owners. In fact, gone are the days where people used to stick to plain and simple back panels. Choose a good quality case adorning their favorite character to bring a smile to your friend's face. There are a variety of phone cases to choose from, especially the grassy landscape is considered very cool and hip, as it resembles the landscape you find in the Minecraft world. If you play Minecraft on your phone, you got to have this accessory, also, it will help keep the creepers away.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Phone Case
Minecraft Posters

This can be a relatively inexpensive gift for your Minecraft-addicted kid brother. These amazing posters with a glossy print can adorn his room or wall proudly displaying his love for the game. also opt for something from the game itself, like the computeronics or the creeper window. I am sure the little fan will be thrilled to bits and will help create his own little world of Minecraft with the help of posters.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Posters
Minecraft Foam Sword

There are many ways to use this sword and guess what? It starts right in the morning when we feel like smashing our alarm clock, then maybe for breakfast when we want to slice an apple. The list is never ending. To protect yourself from your enemies you need a weapon, and this is where the Minecraft foam sword comes in handy. It's made of foam, so it won't hurt anybody and the little ones can practice their sword lessons or challenge anybody. It is made of durable EVA foam, it actually makes a great accessory for any costume party.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Foam Sword
Minecraft Creeper Dresser

Did creeper eat all of your clothes? Or hide your stuff in its mouth so that nobody dares to put their hand in its mouth? Minecraft Creeper Dresser makes a good gift for a boy who likes to put his clothes and stuff in a cool and trendy dresser. These dressers are completely green in color and have that creeper face on it. It has five compartments and will be sufficient for your kid's personal clothing items.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Creeper Dresser
Minecraft Novels

Wanna learn how to play the game? Or just brush up on your skills, or learn new tricks? This is for all those Minecraft geeks out there who just love to read. Minecraft has published some manuals or rules on how to go about the game, and many other novels like Steve and the Treasure of Block Island. A Minecraft lover is sure to treasure this gift because it lets him enhance his skills and knowledge about this mind-blowing game.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Novels
Minecraft Canvas Belt

Last but definitely not the least, for guys who would like to flaunt their love for this game, an appropriate gift is a Minecraft belt. Like a good adventurer, you have already gathered all your weapons, axes, shovels, swords, and, armors, all that is left is to buckle up your canvas belt, and you are all set to go. Besides the superior finish and looks, it will open your beer can also. There are different types of belts available on various sites. So buckle up your jeans with these flashy yet cute belts.
Website to Buy: Minecraft Canvas Belts
You won't have to think twice before making a selection, so plan accordingly and think about the person you are planning on giving the gift to.