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Gifts for Boyfriend under $50

Gifts for Boyfriend under $50

Are you looking for gifts that are cool, yet, budget friendly? Here are gift ideas for boyfriend that will suit your budget, as they come under $50.
Madhura Pandit
Gifting each other is a part and parcel of every relationship; and it has a special meaning if it's a romantic relationship. If your boyfriend's birthday, Valentine's day or any other occasion worth celebration is round the corner, it is the time you have to get a special gift for your boyfriend. You neither have an idea what to get, nor have cash to buy something exotic for him. However, you need not worry. The gesture of giving a gift and the love it symbolizes matters more than the price of the gift. So, if you are looking for budget friendly or inexpensive gifts, here are some ideas.

Presents for Boyfriend

If you are in a new relationship and do not know the guy very well, it is wise to look for some safe gifts like sports accessories, a watch, sunglasses, etc. However, if you are in a committed relationship since long time, you must be looking for gifts that are special and unique. Here are some ideas on top gifts for men under 50 dollars.

For Music Lovers
If he is a music lover (and nearly all the guys are), you will surely find some music accessories in your budget. Music branches, iTunes gift cards, music CDs and DVDs, etc. are some of the best gifts. You can also consider gifting him a waterproof FM radio so that he can use it even while taking a shower. Gifting him a CD of his favorite movie or sitcom can also be a great gift.

For Working Men
Well, when looking for gifts for working men, the first idea that will come to your mind is a tie, a tie holder or any stationery. However, these gifts, although useful may seem boring. Why not look for a gift that will pamper your hardworking man? A membership to the gym (for his fitness), a beer or golf club (let him too have his time out with guys), toiletry kit, etc. can be a good option.

For Gizmo Freak Men
Most men are also gizmo freaks and love electronic gadgets. Some gifts that can suit your budget are a multi charger dock, unique USB drive, money clip, emergency tool, LED pen flashlight, laptop cooling pads, etc. Video games or playstation games will be loved by nearly all young men and can make great birthday gifts for boyfriend.

For Food Lovers
If he loves cooking, there are many gift options that you can consider. You can either bake a chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolates, etc. at home and gift him or you can also give him something which he can use while cooking. A gift basket of food treats, goodies, sauces, cheeses, etc. can be a good gift.

Handmade Gifts
These are the most personal and creative gifts which will also save your money. You can paint a tee shirt with a cute message, make a certificate with romantic messages, make a scrapbook, write 100 reasons why you love him, etc. and gift him. These will definitely be great gifts for boyfriend on anniversary.

Miscellaneous Gift Ideas for Boyfriend
  • Tom Clancy books
  • Tools/ tool kit
  • Writing tablet
  • Personalized T-shirts
  • Silver bracelet
  • Leather wallet
  • Subscriptions to his hobby activity
  • Fitness gear
  • Perfumes
  • Sports cuff links
You can look online to find good deals on these gifts. Lastly, spending quality and romantic time together is also one of the best gifts for boyfriend. You can arrange for an al fresco dinner in your backyard (candlelight and with his favorite dishes) and enjoy the time together. This can be a budget friendly, last minute, but, the most romantic gift for boyfriend. Good luck!
Miscellaneous  Gifts for boyfriend
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