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Popular Gifts for Men

Popular Gifts for Men

If you want to stand out and gift something unique, there are gift ideas in this article you just can't resist.
Neha Joshi
Gifts are many, but what makes them popular? Well ... popular gifts are those which have been gifted to people since time immemorial. Also, a few brands make some gifts popular. In this article, we shall look at some gifts for men that have been a common choice for long, and at some gifts that have just come into the market, but are popular nevertheless.

Tech Gifts!
Popular gifts will always include a gadget. Every man loves tech gifts and there is one gadget every man would love to own. If your man is a complete lover of gadgets, you can gift him the latest iPad. If he loves photography, you can get him a good camera; something that will encourage him to pursue his hobby even further. You can also get him a PlayStation, specially if he's a gaming enthusiast. Cell phones and laptops are also potential options. If he's a music lover, you can gift him an iPod or a MP3 player, with songs of his favorite artists transferred to the player beforehand.

Accessories have again been popular gifts. You can gift him a wallet, such as a Gucci 150404 Men, priced at approximately USD 230. Other options include Fossil's Drexel Bifold and Crew International Bifold priced at approximately USD 30 and USD 45 respectively. Cufflinks are another option. A slightly expensive option is Montblanc's Sterling Silver with Onyx Cufflinks; priced at roughly USD 365. Giving pens as gifts has also been a popular tradition; Cross Classic Century, 10 Karat Gold Filled (4502) by Cross is approximately priced at USD 49. Watches are another timeless gift. If your budget is as big as your heart, you can gift him Submariner Men's Watch with Custom Serti Diamond Dial (16613) by Rolex; USD 6,000, give or take a few.

Perfumes are one of the oldest gifts given to both men and women. If you are blessed with riches, you can gift him the world's most costliest perfume―Clive Christian No. 1, sold at an unbelieving USD 2,150 an ounce. If you can't afford it, don't worry, there are other options too. You can choose from any of the following scents.
  • Hot Water―Davidoff
  • Acqua Di Gio―Giorgio Armani
  • The Beat For Men―Burberry
  • Le Male―Jean Paul Gaultier
  • The One Gentleman―D&G
If it is just another gift, my pick for you would be the Ralph Lauren Polo, priced at approximately USD 50.

Books are again, one of the oldest and the most common gifts. The best part about books is that they last a lifetime and add to a wonderful collection, if there is any. Books have this wonderful quality in them, to take people to a million places by just being in one. If you are confused about which literary works would amuse him, here are a few options that you can go through.
  • Decision Points―George Bush
  • Life―Keith Richards
  • Atlas Shrugged―Ayn Rand
  • The Da Vinci Code―Dan Brown
  • Fight Club―Chuck Palahniuk
My personal pick for you would be The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. If you know his idol, you can gift him an autobiography/biography of that person, if it has ever been written. Garrison Keillor rightly said that A book is a gift you can open again and again.

These were some great ideas, weren't they? The reason these gifts are termed as popular is because they're always a hit. Personalized gifts such as a set a handkerchiefs with his initials inscribed on them, or a letter that has been written specially for this occasion, are also popular gifts you can choose to present.