Types of Gift Cards

What do you do when you run out of gift ideas for your friends and loved ones? Give them gift cards of course. Before you head out and hunt for the perfect one, it is better if you are armed with the knowledge about the different types of gift cards. Read through this GiftinGlory article to get yourself acquainted with the varieties on offer.
GiftinGlory Staff
Gift Card Norms
"Money on a gift card cannot expire for at least five years from the date the card was purchased, or from the last date any additional money was loaded onto the card."
― Federal Trade Commission
(Rule in effect since August 2010)
Special occasions, holidays, and birthdays demand just one thing―gifts. There are all sorts of gifts out there from personalized key chains, mugs, frames, etc., to the generic types of gift ideas. But there are times when we reach a standstill when it comes to thinking about another gift idea. Here's when presenting a gift card comes in handy. It allows the individual to invest the gift amount in something they want the most; all this without you having to rack your brains for yet another idea.

Considering the freedom of choice they bring, gift cards are becoming increasingly popular. A gift card, in simple terms explained, is a prepaid gift voucher that allows the recipient to choose his/her own gift.
There are basically two types of gift cards: retail gifts cards and bank gift cards. While retail cards pertain to a specific store or restaurant, bank gift cards, on the other hand, allow the user to use it wherever the particular brand is accepted.
Retail Gift Cards
Retail Gift Card
Retail cards are generally sold by retailers and restaurants. The gift card can, however, be redeemed only at those particular merchants/stores and restaurant chains. These cards are often referred to as closed cards, owing to the restricted use of the card.
Popular Retail Gift Card
Bank Gift Cards
Bank Gift Card
Open loop or network cards, as they are also referred to, are issued by banks and credit card companies. These cards can be redeemed by different establishments that use their service. Bank cards carry the logo of the card network and look a lot like credit cards.
Popular Bank Gift Cards
American Express
Gas Gift Cards
Gas Gift Card
Gift something that is indispensable with a refillable gas card. It comes in handy for many unexpected situations, especially with the gas prices being so high.
Popular Gas Gift Card
Books Gift Cards
Books Gift Card
While nothing beats the idea of gifting a good book to a book lover, gift cards are not bad either. A book lover gets to have books and more books within the specific amount. Something a bookworm will be grateful about for a long, long time!
Popular Books Gift Card
Barnes & Noble
Food Gift Cards
Food Gift Card
This pertains to popular restaurants and food chains. It comes in handy for anyone who is busy and constantly on the move. In fact, a perfect gift for the foodie friend.
Popular Food Gift Card
Gaming Gift Cards
Gaming Gift Card
Needless to say, game cards allow the user to download and play games using the gift card.
Popular Gaming Gift Card
Movie/Entertainment Gift Cards
Entertainment Gift Card
Rejoice movie buffs, there's a gift card that allows you to watch your favorite movie, and it is refillable too!
Popular Movie/Entertainment Gift Card
Regal Entertainment Group
Music Gift Cards
Music Gift Card
If you don't have much time on hand and need to buy a gift, have you ever thought of music gift cards? It simply makes a great last-minute gift! Without a doubt, it is something that is sure to make just about anyone happy.
Popular Music Gift Card
Gift cards are perfect gift options for those of you who are unsure of an individual's choice and preference. Each of these cards can be personalized with their name and can be refilled by the individual as and when they please.