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7 Awesome Gift Ideas for a Hairstylist That No One Gave You Before

7 Awesome Gifts for a Hairstylist
Who needs diamonds when you can get a great haircut! A hairstylist is that one person who can make your life do a complete 360 degrees, by using her tools of shear awesomeness! GiftinGlory suggests some great gift ideas for that angel in disguise, a hairstylist.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
If you have a hair-styling appointment close to holiday season, make sure you add your hairstylist to the list of people you need to gift. It's bad etiquette not to.
Whether it's a string of bad hair days, a breakup, a longing to rid your life of its monotony, or just for the fun of it, a haircut is never a bad idea. That feeling you get when your stylist holds that mirror behind you to let you have a look at her handiwork is right up there with the pleasure of eating your favorite chocolate. Your smile shines a 1,000 watts, and all you want to do is skip about flipping your hair from side to side like a giddy teenager. Another thing you want to do is proclaim to the world that those magic hands that snipped and shredded your hair have GOT to be the best in the business of hair-styling. And while that may be true, the chances of you holding a megaphone to sing odes to your hairstylist are close to none. You can, however, bestow upon her some awesome gifts that do just that.

Here are 7 great ideas that you can use to gift your hairstylist, your life-saver. These will work even if you have a friend who is a hairstylist, so gift away!
Quirky Apron
hair apron
Here's an idea that truly captures the essence of what most women (and some men, I'm sure) think their hairstylists are: superheroes with shears for weapons.
Message on a Sweater
Sweater with message
Boost your hairstylist's ego with a cool tee, hoodie, or sweater (more appropriate for this time of year, don't you think?) with a cool message like this one on it.
Framed Quote
Framed Quote
If you're falling short of words to express just how much that fabulous haircut helped you, borrow words from someone else. Frame it up, and gift it as wall d├ęcor for your stylist's studio.
Profession-inspired Jewelry
Hairdresser earrings
Nothing spells out the passion of a professional better than the way he or she carries herself. Help your stylist perfect her look with dainty jewelry that symbolizes all that her profession stands for. These are just representative earrings; you can opt for a charm bracelet with charms like scissors, blow dryers, combs, hair brushes, and the like.
Coffee Mug with Message
Coffee Mug
Does she squeeze in an appointment for you even though she's dead tired just because you have to catch that flight the next day for an important meeting and your hair looks like a lion's mane? Show your gratitude with something to keep her going. A mug for that much-needed caffeine.
Magazine Subscription
Inspire your hairdresser to experiment. Help her be updated with the latest happenings in the hairdressing world. Get her a subscription to a fancy-schmancy magazine that will tell her all about the latest trends!
Funky Bag
Hairdresser bag
What's a hairdresser without her dependable handbag! Gift her a funky, hairdresser-inspired bag like this one, and watch her squeal in glee!
Who cares if people think the difference a haircut can make is overrated. You feel it, so you should thank your stylist for it. She's probably seen you through a lot of different phases of your life. Show her you're grateful with a little token of appreciation.
Yellow purse
Mother Giving Her Son A Gift
black and red gift box
Wedding Hair
Woman Handbag
Canvas purse
Women Purse