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14 Gift Ideas That'll Make All Cricket Lovers Go Wow!

14 Gift Ideas for Cricket Lovers
What can you gift someone who is crazy about cricket? Well, there are quite a few options listed here that your cricket-crazy friend would love.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
"Cricket to us was more than play, it was a worship in the summer sun."
― Edmund Blunden
Just about anyone who religiously follows the sport knows why it is such a rage in most parts of the world. It's not just about watching two teams battle it out on the field but about enjoying every minute of the game. Such is the craze of cricket that it keeps everyone gripped, keeping nail-biting aficionados glued to their seat well until the last bowl has been bowled.

Among the many gifts that you can present an ardent cricket fan are books and magazines on cricket, a ticket to a game, and a good pair of binoculars. You could present recorded series of World Cup matches, interviews with cricketers, or even biographies of cricketers to your friend. Then there are framed memories, and if possible, a rare collection of their favorite player's photographs is sure to bring a smile on his/her face.
Cricket Graffiti Tshirts
A personalized t-shirt is a perfect gift for a cricket fan. Printing a picture of him playing the sport is an even better idea for a gift. Another good option is to get a t-shirt that is autographed by his favorite player.
Find out which team he religiously follows, and get wristbands of that team to help him show his support for that particular team. Also, simple 'I love cricket' or 'Cricket is my life' bands will leave him feeling satisfied.
Cricket Inspired Coasters
Engraved or hand-painted coasters make for interesting gifts for cricket aficionados. They can use it to serve the purpose, or simply as a means to decorate their display panel.
Stumped Tie
Every cricket lover ought to look his best, which is when a tie comes in handy. Present a customized tie which has cricket and only cricket written all over it.
Cricket Field Cufflinks
Again an accessory to complete the cricket lover's look for the after-event party, a pair of cricket-themed cufflinks can save your day.
Coffee Mugs
Coffee Mug for Cricket fans
Everybody loves a personal coffee cup, so an ardent cricket fan is no different. It's as simple as getting a plain coffee mug from the store, going to your nearest printer, and having a picture embellished on to the cup.
Tie Pins
Tie pins are an essential accessory with neck ties, which is why you can present them bat-shaped tie pins along with cufflinks of the same design.
Magnetic Fridge Clips
Magnetic Fridge Clips
Magnetic fridge clips make interesting gifts to present a cricket fan who eats, drinks, and breathes cricket. It will help him keep a schedule of the matches on his fridge.
Autographed Balls
Autographed Cricket Ball
Want your ardent cricket-frenzy friend to go all smiles? All you got to do is find out his favorite player and get an autographed ball that you can present him to make the day even more special.
Key Chains
Cricket Themed Key chains
Key chains for cricket lovers yeah. Personalized key chains set in silver or ivory make interesting gifts that can be presented to your friend who is a cricket fan.
Cricket field Badges
How about going overboard and presenting your cricket-crazy friend a badge cast in silver and engraved with his favorite sport? He would love to flaunt it with his fancy coats for casual dinners.
Protective Helmet
If your friend loves playing the sport as much as watching it, you might as well present him a helmet with a face guard to ensure his safety while playing.
Batsmen Gloves
Special padded gloves are a must for every cricketer, which is why this becomes a perfect gift for an ardent cricket fan.
Cricket Kit
Cricket Kit
Something every cricketer must have is a cricket kit. You can do the needful by presenting him a basic cricket kit.
That's not all! You can personally take time out and give your cricket-loving buddy a cricket goodie kit filled with memorabilia that is sure to make him feel special.
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