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List of Top Gifts for Women 2019

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Feb 6, 2019
Into the first quarter of 2019, and you are thinking about top gift ideas! Continue reading to Have a look and take your pick from the exhaustive list of this year's popular gifts for women.
Every new year brings us lots of hope and aspirations for the future. Each one of us has a new way of ushering in the new year and making it a memorable one. Remember how every year our grandma used to give gifts and we used to wait for them. So, in case you are someone who loves gifting, then we are here with the list of gift items for your loved ones.

Top Gifts for Women in 2019

The new generation of women is a mix of retro and modern fashion. They like to play with their hi-tech gadgets, and at the same time love to display their femininity with elegant jewelry and beautiful dresses.
The discussion boils down to the fact that there is no dearth of options when it comes to gifting women. All you need is to choose your gift according to your lady. Your lady could be your mom, grandma, wife, sister, friend, your lady love etc.

Scented Candle

A scented candle, preferably a rose scented one will help to keep the atmosphere fresh and fragrant. The scent will always remind them of the spring season. This can be gifted to your grandma, your mom, or your wife.

Shiny, Glittery Nail Polishes

These shiny and glittery nail polishes will help your wife, sister, girlfriend or mom to showcase their nail art. They will appreciate your choice whenever praise comes their way.

Angelic Perfume

It will make her smell fresh all the time. A perfect one for your wife, girlfriend or sister.

Pearl Crown

This one is the best option for your sister, wife, or girlfriend. They can try this on their wedding gowns as well!

A Beauty Box

A perfect gift for any lady. This will help them highlight their beauty and stand out among the crowd.

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

A highly trending option among the sunglasses that are suitable for you wife, sister, girlfriend, or colleague. This will help them protect their eyes from sun rays and will also enhance their look.

Gym Subscription

A much needed one for your mom, sister, wife. This will help them keep fit. Also this will keep their mind and body healthy. A daylong spa treatment of their choice will make them fell relaxed and rejuvenated.

Amazon Echo and Dot

A smart item for a smart home. It will be helpful for all the ladies including your grandma. This can become a friend of your lady and help her manage her work. This can guide when to turn on the lights, the best route to work etc.

Fitness Tracker

For your fitness loving ladies, this will help them during their gym time and also keep them updated about their health indicators. They can receive texts and calls whenever they are on the move.

Tile Mate Finder

This gift is really helpful to your old grandma and aging mom. As they are prone to forget about things like keys, phone, etc.
This blue-tooth tracker comes with a tile which can loop easily with your items. If she is unable to trace the item all she has to do is, trace through the Tile Mate or from her smart phone.

Apple Wireless Pods

I-pods are the best gifts for your sister. She will surely be amazed to see these.

Cozy slippers

A pair of high-quality, comfy slippers will make them feel more relaxed. This will keep their feet warm in the winter.

Lovely Bouquet

Even today in the age of smart gadgets this gift stands out to be an all time trending option. Flowers are the best gift for all occasions and they are surely going to bring a smile on the face of your lady.

Some Other Gifts

Here is a list of some other cool gifts that you can gift her.
♦ Personalized Roman Numeral Necklace
♦ Smart Yoga Mat
♦ Leather Smartphone Wallet
♦ Travel & Grooming Set
♦ Jewelry Box
♦ Cute Cam (Instant Film Camera)
The Internet will help you to find certain personalized and customized gift items also. You can go for any idea of gifts, but the thing needed the most is, to let them know how much you love and care for them. Do take care of the choices and mood of the lady for whom you are choosing the gift and wish your lady happiness!