Here's the Most Widely Hunted List of Top Gifts for Women in 2012

Top Gifts for Women in 2012
The list for top gifts for women in 2012 is out! Take your pick from the exhaustive list of this year's popular gifts for women.
Every new year brings with it lots of hope and aspirations for the future, and 2012 is no exception! Each one of us has our own way of ushering the new year and making it memorable. I remember, my mother's aunt used to knit jumpers for us children as new year gifts. Every year, we used to wait eagerly for that cute red jumper to arrive. So, in case you are someone like my mom's aunt who loves to gift people on new year, then you might be in search of some great gifts for your loved ones.

Top Gifts for Women in 2012

The new generation women effortlessly play with hi-tech gadgets and gizmos and at the same time flaunt their femininity in elegant jewelry and beautiful dresses. The point here is, there is really no dearth of options when it comes to gifting women. You can indeed go for their all time favorite diamond jewelry, if your budget permits. Bracelets, neck pieces, broaches, earrings are some favorite jewelry items for women. You can also get these items in white gold, silver or faux jewelry if your pockets aren't too deep. Dresses are a beautiful gift option, but then you need to know your lady's choice through and through. Besides, getting the right size can be a problem as well. Designer handbags and perfumes are a great option for those looking for classy and elegant gifts for mothers or wives.

As mentioned above, women do not shy away from using advanced gadgets, so you have that option open as well. If she is into listening music, then a latest model of 'Apple iPod touch' can be a great gift idea. If you are willing to stretch your budget for your ladylove then iPhone 4S, iPad 2, Kindle DX are some other gift choices to consider. If she is 'one of the guys', then you might consider giving her a PlayStation 3. For those looking for budget options, go through this list of top gifts under $25.
  • Gift baskets
  • Music CDs
  • Movie DVDs
  • Bath and Body Products
  • Cosmetics
  • Chocolate Boxes
  • Flowers
  • Potted Plants
  • Photo Frames
Best 2012 Gifts for Women

If you really want to gift something memorable to your wife or girlfriend or mother, then you need to put a great deal of thought. Best gifts need not be smart and expensive, but they sure have to be thoughtful. Spending a day with his ladylove can be an ideal gift a man can give to his wife. If you two rarely get time for each other owing to professional commitments, then her birthday or your anniversary can be the best time to catch up on the lost time. Spend the day in each other's company doing things you both enjoy. You can shop, go for a movie, go backpacking or simply do nothing!

Another thoughtful gift idea would be giving her vouchers for spa, gym or any other activity that she enjoys. You can also get her a membership at local golf club if she is into it. That is something she will never do for herself. Another sweet gesture that is no less than a romantic gift is relieving her of household work for an entire week. Treat her to morning tea and breakfast and take care of children or arrange for a babysitter while you two enjoy each other's company. Alternatively one can also book a cruise or vacation for his ladylove.

Internet is a great resource for finding several customized and personalized merchandise. From personalized crockery to bathrobes to cell phone skin, you can get anything and everything custom-made as per your taste. Those looking for wacky gift ideas for their girlfriends or wives can explore several cheesy yet wacky options. You can gift her a pair of sexy lingerie or a really revealing outfit and ask her to dress up in it. However, go for this idea only if you share a serious, committed relationship with her, else it could backfire upon you.

You can come with your own gift ideas for the most important woman in your life. Do take her mood and liking into account before you plan anything for her. Do not forget to commemorate the day with a big bash.