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Best Gifts for Women

Aastha Dogra Feb 8, 2019
Here are some of the best gifts for women. Romantic, homemade, personalized, expensive or cheap gifts - you will find all options here. Read on...
When it comes to women, men always seem confused! It may take them years, a lifetime or sometimes even that is not enough to know and understand what a woman really wants. The same confusion continues when men are faced with the uphill task of buying gifts for their woman.
Although, most of them would want to buy the best gifts, but a lack of knowledge with regards to what a woman likes or prefers, may come in between. So, to make life easier for them, given here are some unique gift ideas, which are sure to be appreciated by all women.


Whoever wrote that diamonds are a girl's best friend, was absolutely right! If you want to play safe, buy your woman jewelry.
Jewelry as birthday gifts will never go wrong as all women, irrespective of their age simply love to add another item to their jewelry collection. So, if you do not want your gift to be just "another one", buy diamonds!

A Day at a Spa

Most women lead extremely busy lives trying to balance out work and family. So, on this birthday, gift her a package wherein she can enjoy the luxury of massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and other beauty treatments at a spa.

Dinner for Two

Anniversary gifts for women should be romantic and show how much you care for her. A romantic gift here would be to make dinner for the two of you.
So, get hold of the recipes of her favorite dishes from the Internet and put on a chef's cap! Remember to try out all recipes before the D-day. Decorate the dinner table with scented candles, stuffed hearts and keep some wine. One tip - keep it a surprise!

A Gift Basket!

Gift her an assortment of gifts! Buy some makeup items, chunky jewelry, perfumes, chocolates, handkerchief sets, etc. Gift wrap each of them separately and put them in a decorative basket. Her joy will be limitless on receiving a whole bunch of gifts!

A Holiday

An all paid holiday is one of the best retirement gifts for women. A woman has worked hard throughout her life to meet her family's needs. A holiday to the mountains or the beach-side is a good way to relax, enjoy and take a break from the mundane, post retirement life.

Love CD, Cards and Flowers

Every woman loves to be romanced and swept off her feet by her prince in shining armor. One of the most romantic gifts is to burn a CD of love songs for her and record some cute love messages after every song.
Along with the CD, gift her a bouquet of flowers and a handmade card. Your gal will be thrilled beyond words!

A Shopping Extravaganza

If you are brave enough, you can opt for this gift. You can take your woman to a mall and ask her to pick anything, right from shoes, clothes, jewelry, makeup items, whatever she wants. And for a change, look enthusiastic and give her a "positive opinion" on every purchase!

Latest Gadgets

You can consider giving her either an iPod, iPhone, laptop or blackberry handset. Yes! some women are into gadgets as much as men!
Besides these gifts, one of the greatest things that you can give to your woman is your love, care and support. Show her that you care, with your words, gestures and gifts, and she will be yours forever!