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Remarkably Brilliant Goody Bag Ideas for Adults

Goody Bag Ideas for Adults
For all those in search of a creative gift or party favor option, do goody bags work for you? If yes, then read ahead for some creative ideas on how you can make some fabulous goody bags and fill them with all those perfect gifts!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
When it comes to gifts, the best option is a goody bag! You can put a whole lot of stuff in it, and well, it just makes the receiver happier to receive ten small gifts than a single big one (totally depends on what the big one is though!). And to further enhance and come up with some awesome ideas, you need to make sure that the bags themselves, are as attractive as the gifts that you're going to place inside them. Plus, they also are one of the best options for party favors at a formal occasion or a corporate event.

Another advantage of using goody bags, is that they are a great gift wrapping idea! How? Well, if you're not in the mood for a traditional gift wrapping, all you have to do is fancy up a pretty bag, and stuff all the gifts in it. So, come on, let's take a look at some fun and elegant ideas in this article.
Cloth Bags
Silk bag
Cloth bag
I know what you're thinking. How can one use cloth for a goody bag?? Here's how! Get cloth bags stitched by a good tailor, or you can buy some from a shop. Plain ones work best because you'll want to personalize them for the receivers. Alright, now all you need are some fabric paints and a vivid imagination. Use said vivid imagination to draw and paint a picture or pattern of your choice on these bags. If you're a really good artist, you can work out a sketch of the person who is supposed to receive the bag. You can even fancy up the bag using something simple as a strip of cloth in a different color. Just stitch it across the front of the bag and have the name of the person emblazoned on it or make a bow like in the image here. The best part about this bag is that it can be reused for other purposes too!
Paper Bags
Gift bag with red ribbon
Paper bag
Most of us will agree that the best option for a goody bag is a paper bag. So what you can do is, buy a few small to medium-sized paper bags, from your nearby supermarket. Buy them as simple as possible. Plain and in a single color work best. You'll need material to decorate the bag according to the party theme. You can use beads, ribbons, stickers, sequins, bows, etc. for the embellishments. You'll also need glue to stick them on the bag. Work out a pattern that you want and that will go with the theme. You can draw and stick the items onto the bag, or a great way to personalize it would be to have their names written across the bag. This way, if each guest at a party is supposed to receive a different favor, there's no confusion. The images shown alongside are a good representation of the kind of things you can do. Simply paint a design and stuff the bag with the fillers or you can stick the things mentioned above to give it a more elaborate look.
Net Bags
Red gift net bag
Bag with easter eggs
Net fabric is another fabulous option, especially for women. For this idea, you can purchase net drawstring pouches or you can make the bags yourself. You'll need net and another fabric (probably felt) in the same color. First stitch up the felt and net together to make the bag more sustainable to the weight of the fillers. Now, cut the fabric into the desired size and you can stitch two ends together. Stuff the bags with the fillers and tie up the open ends with a pretty ribbon like in the image shown here. Another idea you can use is to make large cutouts of the fabrics (stitched together). Make sure the ends are neatly trimmed. Lay them on a table and place the fillers right at the center of each cutout. Now, bunch up the ends together and fasten them using a pretty ribbon or string. You could even staple the ends together and then cover it up with the ribbon just to make sure that they stay together.
Gift Sacks
Red gift sack
White Fabric Pouch Tied With String
How about using something other than the conventional ideas for a goody bag? For instance, how about having a sack instead of a bag? For this, you can get out your old Christmas gift sacks and modify them to suit your requirements. You can have them dyed in a particular color and draw or paint designs on them. Printed personalized bags are also a very popular option for gifting. So you can have the name or picture of the receiver printed on the sack to make it more personal. Use a ribbon or smart and sturdy drawstrings to fasten the open ends of your gift sack. Or you can always just buy some pretty ready-to-use gift sacks and fill them with the goodies.
So, how did you like the ideas mentioned above? They're a perfect way to wrap gifts don't you think? You can put all sorts of things into the goody bags, depending on the occasion, and of course the people for whom they are. While candy, chocolates, small toys, and stationery etc. work for kids, you can try things like aromatherapy body soaps, candles, decorative articles, mementos, etc. for adults.
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