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Gift Ideas for Her Under $20

If you want some amazing, interesting and unique gift ideas for her under $20, this article will give you some out of the box examples that she'll absolutely love. Read on, to know some great gift ideas for her and make her day! Cheers!
GiftinGlory Staff
Gifting your woman something that is less than $20 is a difficult task, isn't it? I disagree! If you want to gift something, the price doesn't matter, the emotion and the feeling does. You can gift her something that did not cost a lot, but proved to be the best gift she's ever received. A great example here would be a nicely written love letter. However, many men find that very cliched, and this makes us explore other options. You might have come across some amazingly compiled lists of gifts in your search to find the best, yet the cheapest gift. If you haven't liked any of the gifts mentioned in those, you might want to have a look at these. These gift ideas are truly special. First, because they're unique and second, because you'll have to take some efforts that will truly impress her. Let's proceed to the gifts now.
5 Simple Gift Ideas to Make Her Happy
Meal + Video
Now here comes a gift that will surely melt her heart in an instant. Collect all the photographs you have of the both of you and make a slide show of them. If you already have some videos, you can put some of them too. With the help of some movie making software, you can make a 5-10 minute movie by yourself. Show her this movie during a special evening where you've cooked for her as well. Remember, a day worth living and remembering is not an easy gift to give or receive.
Books + Movies
Have you ever considered gifting someone books? A lot of times, isn't it? However, have you ever thought of this combination? We have so many classic books that are turned into brilliant movies today that you can easily gift her two of these combos. Some great examples are J. R. R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and if she's a romantic, Cecelia Ahern's P.S. I Love You.
T-Shirts + Nicknames
You must have kept a lot of nicknames for each other, isn't it? How about gifting her three shirts of different colors with one nickname on each? You can decide the number of nicknames depending upon the price it takes to print one shirt. However, this is surely one of the most romantic gift ideas, don't you think? You can also print shirts that mention something worth keeping as a memory.
Junk Jewelry + Jewelry Organizer
Gifting her something that she really won't expect is a great idea, isn't it? You can gift her a box full of junk jewelry which comes very cheap. In $20, you'll get a very good quantity. If you want to add to the gift, you can actually make her a homemade jewelry organizer, which can be made in a day. If not, you can cut down on the jewelry and buy her an organizer. Don't forget to pick up her favorite colors and her favorites in the jewelry too.
Portrait + Attire
If you're good with your sketches, you can draw a portrait of your girlfriend as a surprise. The portrait won't be a surprise but your want to draw it would surely be one. Gift her a beautiful dress that she can wear while you are at it. This will be a great moment for the both of you. You will have the one you love the most as the subject for your passion and she will in turn get the product of the effort. If you're not so good with the drawing, you can request an artist to do it for you in $20.
Now that you know these gift ideas, you can choose one that suits your situation the best. Over a period of time, you can maybe gift her all these. Wouldn't she love all the ideas mentioned above? Like I've said before, it's never about the price but about the feeling you put across with that gift. Not everything in life comes at a price, does it?!