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Cheap Gifts for Boyfriend

Cheap Gifts for Boyfriend

It's never easy to find some cheap gifts for boyfriend and like them too, isn't it? However, it has just got a tad easy, with some great options available in the article below! These gifts for boyfriend are cheap and yet very special, something he'll surely cherish!
Neha Joshi
There are a lot of occasions that demand gifts and finding the best is not always easy and nor is it very affordable. Some occasions don't need the pomp and the splurging but just some quiet and simplicity. Cheap gifts for men, yet unique ones can help you there. Again, if you're in a relationship, gifting something to one another doesn't really need an occasion, does it? You might just want to make the other person happy and if a gift can do that, why not! Boyfriends love gifts, even if they deny it. Expensive ones, cheap ones, small ones and big ones, all of them! So if you're worrying about gifting something cheap, don't! Whatever may be the occasion or reason, these cheap gifts for your boyfriend mentioned below will surely be of help! Depending on the person your boyfriend is, you can gift him one of these.

Cheap Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Books have always been and will always be a topping every single list of cheap yet great gifts. Not only do they fit the category of cheap gifts for boyfriend, they also make the whole gesture of gifting something meaningful. When you go to pick up a book for your boyfriend, give enough thought to his liking. If he likes philosophy, you can gift him something from that genre. If he loves history, you can gift him a book that talks about one of the greatest wars. To help you out further, here are some books that have been bestsellers.

If he's young -
  • The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) ~ J. R. R. Tolkien - $12.19
  • The Animal Farm ~ George Orwell - $12.24
  • To Kill a Mocking Bird ~ Harper Lee - $14.70
  • The Catcher in the Rye ~ J.D. Salinger - $10.95
If he's not so young -
  • On the Road ~ Scott Donaldson - $17.23
  • The Kingdom of the Cults ~ Walter Martin - $19.79
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ ~ Daniel Goleman - $19.14
  • Nick Adams Stories ~ Ernest Hemingway - $11.99
*Note: The above-mentioned prices are approximate and might change depending on offers and discounts.

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and this is something you can bank on. Sharpen your culinary skills and make him his favorite cuisine. If this doesn't fall under the gift tag for you, you can bake him his favorite cake. No one can resist a cake, can they? Again, you can also make some cookies or muffins and gift them to him in a cookie box you've made yourself! If you are good in the kitchen, you can experiment with some desserts, candies and chocolates too!

Words are All You've Got!
Guys love it when you pamper them and this is exactly what you have to do, but with the help of words. Write him a letter and tell him how much he matters to you and the relationship too. The lengthier the letter, the better. Many girls think that guys are really turned off by too much of romance but it's just the opposite. Experiment with some words and write down a nice song for him. Make the letter look great by adding some color and maybe a few photographs as well.

Picture Perfect
Make a frame for him with pictures of you guys together in it. You can either put in one big photograph or you can make a collage of several photographs and frame that. Do this, only if the occasion demands a romantic gift. If not, in the case of his birthday, you can gift him a frame that has only his photographs. He can hang the portrait in his room and it'll always remind him of you. If you'll are living in together, you can keep this frame on the bedside table. One of the best cheap birthday gifts for men.

Do It Yourself!
There are a lot of gifts you can make yourself for your boyfriend. For example, you can make him some crafts and gift them to him as a token. If you're good at drawing, you can make a portrait of an already existing photograph. If you're good with designing interiors, you can gift him some wall hangings or artifacts that you have made yourself. Magazines and online tutorials relating to these can help you make something really easily. If you know how to knit, you can also knit him a nice cardigan (his favorite color!) for the winters.

These were some options for cute cheap gifts for boyfriend that will surely prove to be of help. If you concentrate on what your boyfriend likes and dislikes, you can think of more cheap gifts than these. You can select any one gift from amongst these and gift it to your boyfriend without waiting for an occasion. Cheap or not cheap, a gift is still a gift, right?