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10 Gift Ideas for a 16-Year-Old Boy

10 Gift Ideas for a 16-Year-Old Boy
It can be quite frustrating trying to figure out what to get for a 16-year-old boy. And if that is the dilemma you're facing, GiftinGlory can help you by giving you some brilliant ideas for the same.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Pro Tip
Confused about what to choose? Take along someone who's around the same age as the birthday boy when you're out shopping―they will be able to tell you what's the best choice to make.
There is this general trend that seems to be going around that shopping for boys is a near-impossible task. How this misconception started and who put fuel to that fire is beyond us, but we can tell you this, whoever believes that it is true has not looked in the right place. Which is what we're here to do―in this GiftinGlory article, we are going to give you a list of the best gift ideas for 16-year-old boys and help you choose something truly special for the man of the hour.

Now, first things first―it is important that you have a budget firmly in place, because that will determine the kind of gift you should and can buy. Also, it will really help if you know a little something about the birthday boy's likes and dislikes, which will make the task of zeroing in on a gift that much simpler. And now, on to the gifts to get the special boy.
Awesome Gifts for 16-Year-Old Boys
Even though the most obvious choices that come to mind when thinking of gifts for teenage boys (or men, for that matter) are shaving kits, perfumes, deodorants, and shirts, steer clear of these. We are so done with those. Let's get you something besides these―something new and exciting, and moreover, a great mix of the cheap, the expensive, and the really, really extravagant.
The 'Let's Make a Statement' Watch
Signature male watch
In case there was a doubt he's way beyond those plastic, glow-in-the-dark watches. It's time for the new and sleek. A 'stop-whatever-you're-doing-and-look-at-this-watch' statement watch is in the offing. So when he casually adjusts the sleeves of his long-sleeved shirt and the watch makes an appearance near the wrist―bam! He's going to thank you every time he gets one of those envious glances.
The 'Let's Give You a Piece of Your Childhood' Comic Books
Comic books collection
Rarely will you find a guy who does not love comic books. All those hours that he spent reading and re-reading, and probably still spends reading will come right back to him with this ever-so-thoughtful gift. In fact, we bet it will be akin to having a piece of his childhood back. To go that extra mile, you could either gift him a whole set of comic books or comics that are limited edition collector's items. Either way, win-win.
The 'Bunch of Wacky' T-shirts
Wacky t-shirt collection
No matter how much the temptation drives you, don't gift him those plaid shirts, he can go buy them on his own. Give him something that is much more fun and right for his age, instead. And if he has a sense of humor, boy will he love these! Tell me you're not laughing. If you can't find ready shirts like these in stores, you can always order them off the net or get plain t-shirts personalized with just about any design, wordings, or picture you deem fit.
The 'How Awesome are these' Console Games
Console games
It's all about the 'gaming this' and the 'gaming that' these days, have you noticed? Everyone, and I mean practically everyone is in on this. While the new age gaming consoles are a little on the steep side, money wise, there is probably nothing that will make the kid more happy. And when it comes to choosing the games, the world is your oyster; there are soooo many new games and established games that have come up in the market, all you have to do is choose from the PS3s and the PS4s and the Wiis, and a plethora of others. And if you think about it, you're set for the next year's gift as well―all you do is buy him a new game for the console.

Another thing that you can go with is gifting him retro video games of the yore like the Mario Bros series. He might just love the change of pace and relish the feel of an old number.
The 'Now You Can Take on the World' Swiss Army Knife
Red swiss army knife
Ideally, each and everyone should have this very, very practical and useful equipment. It comes built in with a number of different-sized knives that can be used for different purposes, making this an all-purpose-multipurpose set. And because it is small in size, carrying it anywhere is no big deal. He will be equipped with one of the smallest, most useful, and really practical devices. We aren't even getting into the sense of 'preparedness' he will feel with this Swiss.
The 'Did Someone Ask for Entertainment' Gadgets
High-end gadgets
The world has changed so much, even from a mere 10 years ago. There are so many gadgets around, it's mind-boggling! But not for the younger generation, it isn't―quite the opposite, really. They all have their gadgets and they're all so technology and gadget-savvy. We're pretty sure they have at least the basic models of smart phones and their music players and the like and the like, so all you do is upgrade these to a high-end model―splurge on headphones or vouchers from gadget stores or buy them a brand new sparkling phone. Something to remember their 16th birthday by, indeed.
The 'Look I Got You These Classics' Books
Classic books collection
Another sore misrepresentation of the new generation is that they don't read. Not true. They do read. Which is why this birthday gift is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the classics―hardbound, leather-smelling, new pages carrying stories in archaic English from centuries ago. Sigh. Introduce them to biographies and world history and the classics ... there's so much to share. And the fact that they are leather bound hardcovers will make it all the more special, really.
The 'Go See the World' Trip
Map with toy car
Yes, that's right―give them an all-expense paid trip. Not around the world, of course, but to somewhere where there is rich culture and heritage. Let them understand the importance of traveling and why it is important to be bitten by the travel bug early on in life. They will thank you for it all their lives, not just because of the wonderful sites they saw, but for all the experiences they amassed while on the trip―meeting new people, trying new cuisines, and learning about new cultures.
The 'You're Young Only Once' Concert Tickets
Concert ticket
Score some concert tickets for them―even better if it's a rock concert. These tickets are not only difficult to acquire but also quite expensive; so there are high chances that they won't be getting these as easily. Which is where you come in. Granted, it's a little difficult to make it happen, but imagine if you do. What a dream come true!
The 'How Else are You Going to Get Around' Transport
Moped and car
This one is the mother of all gifts―a swanky new car or a moped (whichever fits your budget). Maybe it does not have to be new either―it could just as well be a second hand car or bike and they will still love it just as much. What can we say, after all, a ride is a ride. This sure is expensive, so we're certain you're reserving this one for your son or a very, very favorite nephew.
Tell me these gifts won't make the boy's day ... they most definitely will. All what's left now is for you to zero in on a gift and go turn the day into the most awesome16th birthday―just as it is meant to be.
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