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14 Ultimately Astounding Confirmation Gift Ideas for Boys

14 Confirmation Gift Ideas for Boys
Are you on the lookout for a great gift idea for a boy who is getting Confirmed in a few days? Confirmation is an important occasion, and you have to find a gift that befits it. GiftinGlory suggests a few ideas for Confirmation gifts, particularly for boys.
Vrinda Varnekar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit."
---John 20:22
I'm sure you'll agree that choosing a gift for a boy is altogether more difficult than deciding what to gift a girl. If you know a boy―your godson, your friend's son, your nephew, your cousin, your brother, your grandson―who is being Confirmed soon, you have to find an ideal gift for him, something that will have a lasting impression. After all, Confirmation is a major milestone in a boy's spiritual life, isn't it?

We bring you some good ideas for Confirmation gifts. You can decide if you want to stick to traditional gifts, or get a little less traditional ones, according to the boy's likes and dislikes. (We're sure you know, and if you don't, just give his parents a discreet call.)
Confirmation Gift Ideas for Boys
The Holy Bible
The Holy Bible
Though his family is sure to have the Holy Bible at home, a separate copy of the Bible will definitely be a valuable gift for a boy in his early teens. There are special editions of the Bible for teenagers and young adults, which are easier for children to refer to, and help provide them direction whenever they feel they're in a fix. Try acquiring a special edition if you can, he will definitely treasure it.
Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen
A fountain pen can make a very elegant gift for a boy being Confirmed. Depending on his tastes, you can gift him a very fine fountain pen, symbolizing his transition from a child to an adult. If you have a fountain pen which you were gifted at the time of your Confirmation, or a pen that's almost a family heirloom, it can make a wonderfully elegant and very sentimental Confirmation gift.
Wrist watch
Wrist watch
This is one of the more common Confirmation gift ideas. A watch is a gift that lasts for a very long time, and you know that it will definitely be appreciated by the boy. You can buy him a new wrist watch keeping in mind the current trends, or again, gift him your old (and undamaged) one, which you received at your own Confirmation or graduation. Trust me, if you're his grandparent or father, or his uncle, he's going to treasure the watch which you've treasured all these years.
Customized Photo Album
Photo Album
Pictures are tools to make memories permanent, aren't they? If you have the time, and if you feel you want to give him a homemade gift, then this is your best bet. Gather all the pictures of him you can find―him as a baby, as a child, pictures of him and you, pictures of him and his friends, his family, and whatever else you want. Paste these pictures in a blank photo album, and write witty captions underneath each photograph. Really, what a great gift! Make sure you leave space at the end of the album for a picture of you and him at the Confirmation!
Customized Photo Frame
Customized Photo Frame
If you liked the idea of presenting a photograph, but don't have the time, or enough pictures to make an entire album, you can give him a customized photo frame instead. Get the best picture of you and him enlarged to whichever size you want―it could even be used to cover most of his wall in his room! (But given that he's a boy in his early teens, he may prefer a smaller frame.) For the frame, you can buy one from a gift store, or you can make one with cardboard or wood at home. Make it as personal as you can, and watch him smile from ear to ear when you present it!
Book of Poems
Book of Poems
Does he like to read poems? If yes, then this is a good idea for a gift. If you want to personalize it, you can even buy a beautiful book and write down poems in it. If you're a poet yourself, why not gift him a collection of your own poems? Even if he hasn't really tried reading poems yet, this would be a good way to start!
Wall Cross
Wall Cross Jesus
Leaning towards the traditional side, a wall cross is a wonderful gift and will surely uplift the faith of everyone who glances at it, at any time. There are a variety of wall crosses available both in stores and online at reasonable prices, and you can choose one which you think he will like the best.
Patron Saint Medals and Statues
Patron Status
These are fast gaining popularity as great Confirmation gift options. Patron Saint medals carry the image of the different revered saints. Perfectly traditional and appealing, these medals and statues will bring out the very essence of faith.
Gift Certificate
Gift Card
It can be very daunting to choose an appropriate gift for a boy being Confirmed. Children have such varying and unusual tastes lately, and it can be hard to even understand what it is that they like or dislike. If you're not sure of what to get for the boy being Confirmed, are not sure of how much money you're expected to spend on the gift, and don't mind a less-traditional gift, stick to a gift certificate of his favorite store. You can be sure that he will appreciate the gesture, as well as enjoy shopping for what he really wants and likes.
Jesus Locket
No, I'm not kidding! This isn't the conventional jewelry that I'm talking about. Confirmation jewelry is entirely different, and is even considered "cool" among teenagers today. A cross on a dog-tag pendant, or a cross pendant, will just make perfect jewelry items to gift a boy, which he will be able to wear without the fear of being called unfashionable. These pendants are available online and in stores, and you can also get them customized if you want.
Set of C. S. Lewis's Signature Classics
Available in a set and also sold separately, C. S. Lewis's signature works make a very valuable Confirmation gift, which the child is sure to treasure for a lifetime. You can buy a beautiful, hardbound set of these timeless books, or buy the one you think is the most valuable. Ranked among the best spiritual literary works of all time, these books continue to enthrall audiences even today.
Gift Basket
If you don't want to get a traditional Confirmation gift, then this is for you. You can prepare a nice gift basket full of the things he loves, such as a video game, chocolates, cookies, music CD, etc. If possible, include gourmet chocolates and cookies in it. Though it won't physically last for a long time, the memory of it sure will!
Concert Tickets/Passes to a Sports Game
Boy Watching Game
Big way to score points with the boy being Confirmed. Get him tickets to the concert of his favorite band or to a sports game. Don't forget to get two-three tickets, because he's bound to want to take his best friends along! You can be sure, he and his friends are going to thank you endlessly for this gift!
Special Confirmation Card
Written Card
You can't go wrong with a beautiful Confirmation card, with a lovely message inside. Add some of your own thoughts to it, and you'll be giving him a wonderful gift that is traditional, to an extent, as well as personal. If you think the card is not enough, you may choose to give the card with some money.
Now that you have some Confirmation gift ideas to choose from, which one do you think you're going to pick? When deciding upon the gift, take great care to get something that you know he'll use and like. We're sure you'll make the right choice! Good luck!
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