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Out of the Box: 8 Brilliant Gift Ideas to Wish Good Luck to Someone

8 Brilliant Gifts to Wish Good Luck to Someone
Need to send some good luck someone's way? How about doing it with gifts instead of a simple card and message? GiftinGlory will give you some great gift ideas that you can use for this very purpose.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Instead of using a simple 'good luck' card accompanying the gift, use a variation―wish them in a different language or in the limerick form.
Have you ever noticed how we are so accustomed to wishing someone 'good luck', no matter how mundane, routine or 'everyday' the activity may be? Any new task or activity that anyone starts usually gets them a good luck wish. While hard work is, no doubt, important, a lot of significance is placed on luck as well. It is believed that no matter how hard a person works, unless he has luck on his side, he cannot succeed in life. This theory is evident from the fact that most cultures have several forms of good luck charms and customs that they believe in and follow rather religiously.

Wishing someone good luck verbally or with a card is the most common way of going about this; however, in more recent times, people have started using gifts to convey this sentiment. If the idea of using a gift as opposed to wordings scribbled in a store-bought card seems promising, then we might have something perfect for the occasion. In this GiftinGlory article, we will give you a bunch of great ideas on the kind of gifts that you can opt for to wish someone good luck. Read, read.
Good Luck Gift Ideas
Horseshoe Pendant
Horseshoe pendant for good luck
The horseshoe is probably the most widely known (and believed in) good luck charm. We would not recommend sending an actual horseshoe made from iron to the recipient, because how inconvenient would that be, but we would definitely urge you to try the several other options that a horseshoe design brings with it. Like? Like there are pendants, key chains, stone models and so much more ... so all you do is pick something that you could see the person use and gift it to them. We really like this delicate, elegant, and stone-engraved pendant, a perfect gift for a girl, don't you think?
Four-leaf Clover Key chain
Four-clover leaf key chain
Speaking of key chains, how awesome is this as a good luck gift for him? As you're probably aware, a four-leaf clover is considered one of the really, really effective good luck charms; the fact that it looks so good, of course adds to its charms (no pun intended). And as was the case with the horseshoe pendant, an adaptation of this design can be made into varied forms as well, but we are leaning towards this key chain ... really, really leaning.
Good Luck Mug
Mug with good luck message
How cute is this mug? So while the message may be simple enough, what makes it really appealing is ditching the been there done that generic good luck message on the card and saying it through this mug. So you know what will happen, every time they fill the mug with their favorite brew, they are going to be reminded of you. We think this is one of the best good luck messages to give for a new home―you could have a set of mugs and write a different message on each. Such creativity, we tell you.
Good Luck Cakes
Horse shoe good luck pastry
You've got a housewarming to go to? How about you take a box of these lovely 'good luck' cakes and chocolate balls? Instead of carrying a boring-looking treat, use these cakes as a nice gesture. And how do we add the 'good luck' factor to these tasty delights? Simple, just use any of the good luck charms as decoration or icing (like we did with this horseshoe), or a cutesy message like this one.
Box of Chocolates or Flowers
Chocolate and flowers
Some things are just classic, they never get old. Which is the case with flowers and chocolates―you can never go wrong with them. Send a box of chocolates or a bright-hued bouquet over (just like this one) with a sweet message, and you're golden.
Socks with a Funny Message
Socks with good luck message
Okay, so this one is a slightly quirky choice to make, but it's a funny one. So what you do is, you get a pair of new socks and then attach a note that says 'Knock their socks off!'. It's so simple, it's funny. This good luck gift especially comes in handy for dancers, or people who are to perform in a play, are about to set off for auditions, are taking part in a singing competition―basically, anything that is performance-oriented.
Ganesh Idol or Painting
Ganesh idol for good luck
In Hindu tradition, Lord Ganesh is revered as the God of new Beginnings, and any new venture that is taken up is never deemed complete without first asking for his blessings. With that sentiment in mind, gifting someone a statue or a painting of Ganesh is one of the most potent ways of wishing them good luck. With the world's traditions and practices merging, it won't be long before this becomes a well-known practice outside India as well, you will just be one of the trend setters, so to say.
Lucky Bamboo Plant
Bamboo shoot for good luck
And while we are discussing world culture and traditions, another very symbolic good luck charm that is a very important part of Chinese Feng Shui is that of the lucky bamboo plant. These plants are considered lucky because of the properties of the bamboo being resilient and fast-growing. Go in for a lush bamboo plant in all its bloom and send your luck through its greens.
With such brilliant and innovative gifts to give, you won't ever have to resort to a generic, card-and-message anymore, these gifts will do your bidding perfectly. So which gift is it to be then?
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