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Undeniably Fabulous Gifts for Women Turning 50

Best Gifts for Women Turning 50
A woman plays roles of a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt and a friend till she turns 50. She deserves to get the best gift as a sincere gratitude for her contribution and also to mark the celebrate of this milestone year of her life. If you have a wonderful woman turning 50 this is the best opportunity to show her how much she means to you.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 9, 2018
Many a time, women get vulnerable about growing old and it is your job to make them realize how beautiful their lives have been for both, you and them. And this thoughtful gift is just your solution! Growing up is a wonderful thing, and in case of women, it literally is beautiful. There is always a positive vibe around women reaching half a century, as life marks an exit from an era lived with a fulfillment, and an entry into a time period that will be filled with many more surprises. To find a gift that matches this thought can be challenging. So, we've looked around and chalked out a few gift ideas for women turning 50.
Portrait from Her Past
Make beautiful portraits out of her old photographs to capture her youth and refresh those long forgotten memories. A trip down the memory lane would definitely get those sparkling eyes filled with water. If you want, you can always make her personalized gifts like a photo album or a video montage, with all youth pictures and videos (if you can find them), as this would be a great surprise.
She's always done so much for you and silently sacrificed many things, through the many roles she's played. By bringing back her cherished memories, you will bring back that beautiful blush on her cheeks and the smile on her face.
Getaways for a Break
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Another idea would be giving her tickets to either a weekend getaway or a long desired holiday. You can make all the arrangements right from traveling tickets, hotels, shows, spa vouchers, food and shopping and give her the best birthday present.
Arranging holiday gifts to a place where she has always wanted to go, but couldn't is a very sweet thing to do. You can either accompany her, or send her with someone she would like to share the experience with. If you can't spend a lot on a trip, look at local destinations or 1-2 day trips. Instead of making it a trip only for her, join her so that she gets to make some more unforgettable memories with you!
Shopping (The Best Gift)
Aged couple with purchases
Shopping no matter how old a woman gets, continues to be her enjoyable sport. You can take her out shopping to her favorite places and give her vouchers for all the best brands that she's only wished for. The pleasure of purchasing absolutely anything from cosmetics, shoes, perfumes, clothes to home decor item without bothering about the credit, is an ideal gift for several woman. Complete this gift with a dinner at the end at her favorite restaurant.
Spa Treat
A pampering treat to escape the stresses of everyday routine is a great gift idea for a 50th birthday. With so many spa parlors around town, you can gift her a full day at a spa resort or just a spa treat which is spread out over the month. Many spas also allow year-long memberships that give you the advantage of indulging in massages at a discounted price. So, depending on your budget you can either gift a day at a spa, a treatment spread out over a month or a yearlong membership.
Diamonds Are Forever
Shop Assistant Helping a Woman to Wear a Pearl Necklace in a Jewellery Shop
No number of designs and no amount of jewelry items are ever enough for women. A piece of jewelry is always appreciated and treasured. Customize a jewelry item for her 50th birthday with her name, engraving of a special date or a quote. If you are having a difficult time picking up a gift item for her, then take her out shopping. A gift along with a shopping spree is definitely the 50th birthday present she will remember!
Sweet Nothings
Those sweet nothings that count for almost everything get masked in everyday routine. For her 50th birthday make her day special with a breakfast in bed, a lunch and a movie date, a pampering time a spa and a romantic dinner date with her. Give a handwritten greeting card and cook something special for her to perfect this special treatment. These are the things that matter the most and help in reliving some of the good old times. After all, it's never to late to fall in love again!
Nurturing Hobbies
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Hobbies are activities that enrich your lives in a unique way. Much of the motivation of cultivating hobbies comes from within. However, some that comes from other sources is always welcomed and appreciated. Gifts encouraging hobbies such as a camera for an amateur photographer, library membership for an avid reader, a gardening tool kit for a genuine gardener or a cookbook for a gourmet will definitely be much-loved gifts.
With such a variety of gifts, you can pick any of your choice, but ones that suit her interests. Make sure it's beautiful and meaningful, as she will turn 50 only once in her life. Make it special!
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