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Incredibly Simple Ideas to Gift a Unique Money Tree

Money Tree Gift Ideas
The concept of money trees has gained a lot of popularity recently. And the reason is quite clear, it's because of the fact that it is a really convenient gift that can be used for several occasions. Read through the following sections where we've compiled a list of ways in which this gift can be used creatively.
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Last Updated: Mar 16, 2018
There are several occasions where we are called in to celebrate a joyous occasion with our family and friends. There are birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and social parties, graduation parties and bridal showers... and the list pretty much stretches on.
All this works out really well, but for the question of gifts. Shopping for the ideal gift for such occasions can get really confusing, and several times, we end up choosing a gift in a hurry. End result? You're not too happy about the gift, and you keep wondering whether the person will like it or not.
There's a solution to this dilemma, you know? How about you gift them a money tree? It's one of the most convenient gifts that you can think of. Not only do you let them decide what they want to buy, but you can also decorate it according to the occasion and thus add your personal touch to it. All in all, a beautiful gift that suits all occasions and can be made at home.
Let's take a look at some ways in which you can creatively use the concept of money trees and make one on your own.
The Different Ways
There are varied ways in which a money tree can be made using several designs and techniques. Here are some ideas that you can draw inspiration from for making that perfect money tree.
Placing the Notes in a Nest
Notes in a nest
Bundles Around the Tree
Bundles around the tree
Combination of Notes and Coins
Notes and coins
Using a Single Stand
Single stand
Covering the Entire Tree
Covering the entire tree
Using Money Instead of Leaves
Money instead of leaves
Using only Coins
only Coins
Planting the Money in a Pot
Planting the money
Using an Actual Plant
Actual plant
Using a Plastic Plant
Plastic Plant
Using Only the Branch
Only the branch
Using a Decorative Tree
Decorative Tree
In a Glass Around the Plant
Glass Around the Plant
Tree-shaped Notes
Money Tree
Different Ways of Attaching Notes
So how do you exactly go about attaching these notes onto the tree? Here are some ways that you can look into.
With Clothespins
Notes with clothespins
With Straws
Notes with straws
With Glue
Notes with glue
With Paper Clips
Notes with paper clips
With a Ribbon
Notes with a ribbon
With Origami
Notes with origami
Making a Money Tree at Home
Some people want to make the gift right from scratch, even the tree and the accompanying decorations that go with it. Given below are the steps for making a money tree at home.
Find a tree branch that is about two feet in height. Ensure that it has several small branches to hang the money from. As an alternative, using a Christmas tree for a money tree is also a great idea.
If you want the tree to have branches, you will have to take a pot and fill it with thick plaster. Place the branch into the plaster and allow the branch and the plaster to set overnight. If you are using a Christmas tree, then you can either put it up on its stand or you could use the mud pot, and place the Christmas tree in this. Instead of a plain pot or a stand, you could make use of decorative pots that are available in various shapes and sizes for the money tree gift holder.
The next step is to conceal the plaster. You can do this by covering it up with grass, moss, and pine leaves. This will make it look more or less like a natural tree. You need not worry about decorating the tree like so in case of a Christmas tree on the stand.
The next step is to place the money notes on the tree. For this you will need the money in bills. Attach these bills to the small branches of the tree with the help of a paper clip (or choose a method that complements the kind of money tree you're making from the other methods that have been listed in the earlier section).
Other than just the notes, you can also add some other means of decorations on the tree as well like a greeting card, small messages etc.
Trees for Different Occasions
There are several different ways of decorating the money tree on your own. Here are a few examples.
For a wedding, you can choose a white pot, a money tree gift holder, or a pot that matches the wedding themes and colors. You can decorate the tree with colorful ribbons that complement the wedding flowers and centerpieces, and you can write the names of the couple on the pot in a beautiful font.
The pot holding the money tree can be covered in a colorful wrapping paper. This paper can complement the birthday theme, if any. Along with the money bills, the tree can also be decorated with photographs of the person from the different phases of his/her life.
Using photographs of friends growing up together, all through the school years is a great money tree idea. This will make the tree a very thoughtful gift.
Apart from the photos of various anniversaries together, the tree can be decorated with artificial wedding bands. Photographs of children and grandchildren can also add to the charm of the gift.
Bridal Shower
Decorations for money tree gift ideas for bridal showers include small quotes written on greeting cards.
Baby Showers
For baby shower gift ideas, the money tree can be decorated with small toys and things made from paper mache.
One can make the money tree gift according to the likes and interests of the person for whom you are making it. It is the perfect gift, which is not only personalized, but is also creative. So get going and create a wonderful money tree with these ideas to present a beautiful gift to that special someone.