54 Short Messages to Get Engraved on Personalized Gifts

54 Short Messages to Get Engraved on Personalized Gifts

Gifts are exchanged on almost all occasions. Let's face it, some gifts last long and the best way to immortalize precious moments and sentiments is by engraving short messages on any gift and personalizing it. Following are some suggestions to what you can get engraved on your gifts.
Talk about Matching Wavelengths!
You can easily get the wavelength of your voice saying "I Love You" to have it engraved on your wedding rings.

There is immense pleasure in gifting and receiving gifts. The thought and effort behind a gift can be seen in the gift itself. You can say that a heartfelt gift puts a cherry on top of the very fact of receiving it.

The fact is, once the gift wrapper is opened, the receiver may forget later on who gifted the present in the first place. Engraving a gift makes it that much more special and the message that much more permanent.

An engraved message can be anything from a date that means something to the receiver, a nickname, an inspirational quote, a reminder, or a simple little I Love You.

We give you some ideas that you can use to engrave watches, jewelry, and anything else you can manage to engrave on!


Watches are a must-have in anyone's wardrobe. They complete a look, act as a style statement, and of course, tell you the time. Hence, they make ideal gifts to engrave short personalized messages. Following are some ideas that you can engrave on a watch for your beloved.

Engraved Pocket Watch

Engraved Watch

The best time is yet to come...
For all of time
You are mine
For the timeless moments to come
Good Times, Best Memories
I love you till the moon and back
I've fallen in love with you many times!
This day I will marry My Best Friend (--/--/--)
Until the end of time
When the stars go blue, I follow you!
You are mine till the end of time.
Our love is timeless.
Take your time and don't be late.


Jewelry is a personal thing for everyone, be it a family heirloom, handcrafted jewelry, or a store-bought one. But the one that has a special part in someone's heart is a gift given by someone really special. Why not make it that extra bit special with a lovely little message permanently etched onto it?

Love speaks volumes especially when you engrave words of endearment on promise rings and wedding bands. Here are some ideas you can use to engrave on any piece of jewelry.

Engraved Dog Tag

Engraved Heart Pendant

A Promise Kept Forever
Amor Vincit Omnia (Love conquers all)
Beside you through time
Crazy for you
Ever after
Future is with you
Forever and For always
Forever Yours
I carry your heart, I carry it in mine
Je T'adore (I adore you)
Love is you + me = 4ever
Love You Forever
Lucky to Have You

Engraved Bracelet

Mia Amour
Mine Forever
More Than Love
My Everything
One sees clearly only with the
Soulmates are forever
Ti Amo
The future is ours
This Vow Forever
You are my destiny
You are my favorite thing
You mean the world
You stole my heart
You're My Sincere D'amour
We're Better Together
Young at Heart

Engraved Ring

Engraved Promise Rings


If jewelry is not your thing, you can always try giving a jewelry box. You can engrave a beautiful antique box with something inspirational, loving, or sweet. You can use the following given message options to engrave anything you like, and gift it to whomsoever you care for.

Engraved Jewelry Box

A Treasure Chest for my Treasure
There's nothing in this box more beautiful than You
You Rock
You are my Rock
Stand By Me
Partners in Crime
True Friends
Friends are Forever
You Know Me Best
Wherever We Are, That's the Place to Be

In case your dear one is a tech savvy, you can engrave messages on an iPad and iPod with a loving quote, message, or words of endearment. Supercool, ain't it?
Golden Gift
Ring Box
Happy Senior Couple
Red Valentine gift