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Sentimental Gifts for Men That'll Make Them Cry With Happiness

Sentimental Gifts for Men
Don't want to give in to the routine of gifting him the same old gifts, that don't really mean a thing? Well, let me help you out with some sentimental gifts for men then. Sounds nice? I bet it is.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
Yeah. I get it. You had a million things to do. There was the meeting with the client, then the date with your 'Best Friends Forever' clan, whom frankly, you've been putting off for way too long, then the movie tickets that Jenna had booked eons ago and you just couldn't miss, then the...OK, I get it. You are one busy lady. And that is why you did not get the time to scrounge up for a sentimental gift for him. Right? But now that you realize it's probably already pretty late to come up with sentimental gifts, you are ridden with guilt and a general 'Why the hell didn't I do this before' thought.
Solution? Cause there always is one. At this late hour when the event is way up to your neck and you don't want to pass off a dull-drab - T-shirt, Deodorant (or something to that effect) routine, what will you do? How will you come up with sentimental gift ideas? Easy. Just read through this article and you'll have your solution in no time. There are loads of ideas that you can use. Go on.
Homemade Sentimental Gifts for Guys
When it comes to sentimental gifts, one might think that there's very little to do. But that is misguided, at best. The general belief is that men are not sentimental. Says who? The right kind of guy is. This is for him.
Jar of Messages
Take my heart. Heart in a jar. Garland flags. Lettering
I love this one cause it's one of the most romantic gifts for him. Write special messages for him (Romantic ones like - "Last night, I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars") Put them all in a huge glass jar. Then ask him to pick one everyday. Imagine the smile light up his face when he sees the messages!
Another advantage? There will be direct after-effects and benefits for you (if you know what I mean, of course). Or you could write out small messages that go "Do you remember the time our car broke down at..." Getting him to reminisce about old times and fall in love all over again. Nice? I think so.
Letter opener resting on air mail envelope
Write letters of all your moments together. The first time you met, how you started dating, who proposed and more of the same that you can think of. Then tie a ribbon around them, dab some of your perfume and present it to him. I'm sure he'd love that.
Scrap Book
Open diary book, old accessories and postcards
If it's birthday gift ideas for him that you want, then here's something that could be just perfect. Get as many college friends of his to sign into a scrapbook for him. Or get them to do an audio-visual piece for him. Watching all his friends wishing him, and most of them far away from where he is...wouldn't that be a great way to celebrate his birthday? Get used to the smile plastered onto his face for the next few days. Great sentimental gift idea, right?
A Childhood Meal
Bet we all have our favorite childhood dish, right? All you do is find what his is and cook it for him. Step one, call his mother or a close relative for the recipe. Step two, have it made secretly at a friend's place or on a day when you know he'll be away. And then? Surprise him with it, of course. A trip down memory lane and how.
Sentimental Gifts for Dad
Photo Collage
This one never gets old and never gets dull. Make a collage of him stretching over his entire life. Him as a young boy, him as a college grad, him with your mom on their wedding day and more of such till date. Make sure it's a huge frame. He'll love it.
Medley of Songs
Love music concept
You may be seeped into the world of technology, but is it the same with your dad? May be not so much. So why don't you scrounge up all his favorite songs from the yesteryear that have been long forgotten and forced to retire in records that are no longer played? Get him an iPod or a good MP3 player and load all his favorite songs in it. Then the music will be his, and he can enjoy it at the click of a button. What a sentimental birthday gift it'll make for, don't you think?
Send Him Packing
Vacationing toy car on a globe
Know a place that your dad has longed to visit and never got around to doing? Make it happen for him. Make all the arrangements, book the journey tickets, the hotel...everything. Then surprise him (and your mom) with what could only be the perfect holiday gift for him.
Family Calendar
Here's a fun one, but just as much packed with sentiments. Collect the weirdest, most-awkward family photos that you can find and use them to make a calendar. What a fun way to get him to laugh and get all sentimental about. I'm sure he'll get reminiscing about all the fun times you'll have had. You could also put in some quirky snaps of him and his friends from college perhaps? I'm sure he would love that.
Sentimental gifts for men don't have to be tough if you really think about it. Just close your eyes, think of that special man in your life, and you'll have a whole lot of ideas crowding your head. Just pick the most sentimental one of them and that right there is a perfect way to get him what he wants.
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