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Terrific Gifts for Men Turning 50

Gifts for Men Turning 50
When someone you know is turning 50, the gift has to match the grand celebration as well. Which is why, we have put together the following article that has fabulous ideas on gifts for men turning 50...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Wine and gift box
Turning 50 is no joke and for some men, the transition cab be bit tough. While some men take this opportunity as a blessing from Him and wish to ride it all the way, there may be others who can become sensitive towards the subject. Whether the man in your life, who's about to turn 50, is taking this new shift kicking and screaming or with full enthusiasm, finding the perfect birthday gift is the most important thing. Which is why, we have come up with some amazing gift ideas to event much more memorable for him. Let this article be a guide for you in order to make an excellent choice for the special man in your life.
Gifts for 50th Birthday
It's not an uncommon fact that (most) men tend to act younger than their actual age. Perhaps it's their way of coping with this huge change in their lives and coming to terms with the fact that they are not young anymore. But that doesn't mean they have to act like it, right? Obviously, depending on what your relationship is with the birthday boy, the ideas on his special birthday present will vary. The birthday boy could be your husband, boyfriend, father, colleague, or neighbor. So to make things less complicated, we've provided you with different types of gifts for men turning 50. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?
50 Favorite Items
You have a wonderful opportunity to come up with excellent gifts because the age factor is on your side. It's the big '5-0' and that will be the main theme for the gift; it offers you a very practical option. What you need to do here is compile a list of 50 (small to big) gifts and present them all together. Of course, it's tough to think and spend for 50 individual gifts. So, what next? Ask for help. Along with the birthday boy's friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members, gather all the gifts for him and put them in a nice basket.
50 Words of Description
Over the years, he must've made many close friends. So for his birthday, why don't you make a video which includes all his friends in it. They can say something nice about the birthday boy and it will also become a video to cherish forever. You can even have his friends and family members write 50 words about him and make a montage out of it; get it framed.
Past 50 Years
We always say that our childhood and school years were the best one ever. So why not bring those days back for his 50th birthday. Recollecting the decades from the year he was born, playing in the yard with friends, prom night, wedding day, till today; all these days can bring back amazing memories. You can compile a list of achievements in his life right from his school, college, dating years, marriage, kids, and even grandkids and put them all together in a scrapbook or a video. There are companies which specialize in such types of birthday gifts. Make a movie with all the pictures, newspaper cuttings, or any kind of printed achievements you can find. Add a background score from one of his favorite movies or music bands.
Literature for 50 Years
There are many books that can make a great gift for men. For example, a portable book such as Kindle. You can add few humorous books on turning 50 and give him as a collection. You can buy Things to Do Now that You're 50 by Robert Allen or You Know You're Fifty When... by Richard Smith. Give him something to enjoy and laugh at with some hilarious audio book players.
Other Gift Ideas
The above ideas were something to symbolize with the age. Now let's look at some more gifts that don't necessarily have to signify his age.
  • Massage session at local spa (Yes! Even men love to relax once in a while)
  • Weekend getaway to golf club (A good way to get away from work and home)
  • Gifts focusing on hobbies (wood craft, painting, sports, radio-controlled toys)
  • 50 Years themed t-shirts and coffee mugs
  • Airplane or helicopter flying lessons
  • Gift basket filled with wines, cheeses and assorted gourmet treats (perfect for picnics)
  • A couple's weekend trip to his favorite destinatio
There may have been list of things which he wanted to do all his life, but couldn't due to several reasons. With time, more and more responsibilities might have kept him from doing things his heart wanted the most. Those who are extremely close to him can realize his silent sacrifices and give him the opportunity he never had. These ideas can be a way of showing him how much you care and love him. Give him something even if it isn't a big or expensive gift, to show how important his role in your life.
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