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10 Strikingly Great Ideas That'll Help in Wrapping Wine Bottles

10 Great Ideas for Wrapping Wine Bottles
Who wouldn't want a pretty gift of fine wine, especially when it's lovingly presented in a beautiful gift wrap. There's a lot that you can do to make this gift look uniquely refreshing. This GiftinGlory article will give you 10 great ideas for wrapping wine bottles in the most creative of ways. Take a look.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
Our world has had the 'gift of wine' for over 7,000 years, where the custom of gifting the finest of wines has been a widespread tradition. A well-wrapped wine bottle expeditiously displays thoughtfulness and care.
Quality wine has been christened as 'fine' wine for centuries, where it defines anything that is at par with excellence. Wine is perhaps the most appreciated of gifts, where connoisseurs aren't the only ones who enjoy this robust drink. The elegant curves, svelte design, and calligraphic label of a wine bottle, are a sight to behold when left on its own.

A gift wrap may merely amplify its look, but when done with love, it may significantly change how one looks at it.The reason why we love to encase these bottles, is because of the joy and fervency the receiver experiences while unraveling its encasing.

So yes, we think that gift-wrapping a wine bottle is a much-welcomed rummy approach in the giving and receiving process. If you think a lot of time and effort is involved, fear not. We assure you that the ideas mentioned here are wallet friendly. In fact, you can use everyday household items to make these gift wraps.
10 Ways to Wrap Wine Bottles
A wine bottle is like a seductive sculpture of a woman; her curves can carry off any accessory with grace. From using simple paper to expensive-looking fabric, the receiver is sure to feel nothing short of admiration. We have selected simple ideas that involve the use of readily-available items such as paper, ribbons, wrapping sheets, fabric, and other decorative accessories. Some ideas may allow you to get the work done in a jiffy, while others may take a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, the end result is assuredly worth the time invested.
1: Satin-Bow Wrap
Satin-Bow Wrap
This happens to be one of the most attractive yet simple ways of adding that 'oomph' appeal to your gift. All you need is a large double-faced satin ribbon roll (enough to cover the entire bottle), super-strong glue, and some patience. Begin from the bottom; take one end of the satin ribbon and stick it to the base of the bottle. Twirl the ribbon around the bottom, sticking it as you go along. Secure the ribbon at the top, snipping leftover ribbon before gluing the last of it. Take an additional piece of satin ribbon and tie a neat bow around the bottle's neck, as a final touch.
2: Brown Paper Wrap
#2: Brown Paper Wrap
Nothing looks as simplistically appealing as this. All you need is: sheets of brown paper, transparent tape, and a roll of beige twine. Place the bottle in an upright position on the large sheet; bring the ends together at the top, securing it with twine around the bottle's neck. Use the tape to conceal any openings that may have formed; try to avoid ripping the sheet while folding it. Simple yet classy!
3: Sleeve Wrap
Sleeve Wrap
This is another awesome idea, that can be easily done at home using the sleeves of your old puffer jacket or sweater. This can be achieved by snipping the jacket down the front. Cut down the sleeve, and add a rounded patch of similar fabric at one end of the sleeve, so that it has only one opening. Slit the sleeve on one side, and add the zipper. You may ask a seamstress to do it for you. Measure the wine bottle and make the alterations accordingly. You may also use any old sweater's sleeve for this idea. It is a nice way of presenting wine to someone in the winter; snug and safe.
4: Nature's Wrap
Nature's Wrap
You can use either rope or natural fibers to make this wrap―jute, hemp, bamboo, and straw, are extremely cool options to use, to make a wine bottle stand out. As complicated as it may look, the process is a fairly simple one. You need to take an adequate amount of rope/straw/twine, where the extra can be snipped accordingly. Put some super-strong glue on the mouth of the bottle to allow the twine to adhere properly; this is the point from where you'll begin. Take one end of the rope and start wrapping the entire bottle's surface, all the way to the bottom. Use a small amount of glue at the end, to stick the last bit of twine to the bottle. You may use decorative craft artwork to stick on the wrapping to give it a beautiful finish.
5: Sybaritic Wrap
Sybaritic Wrap
We absolutely love the deep chocolate brown color of the gift wrap, especially the opulent golden-bordered detailing. These glossy-textured sheets are thick and flexible, making them easy to manipulate. Place the wine bottle at one end of the paper, in such a way that the bordered edge is at the top. Use a piece of tape to secure the sheet to the base of the wine bottle, before folding the rest gently to create the luscious curves you see in the above image. Use transparent tape to keep the folds in place from the bottom to give it a clean finish. Use a fancy bow made from fabric to complement the bottle's artsy look, and include an intact flower for added decoration.
6: Accessorize the Ordinary Wrap
Accessorize the Ordinary Wrap
A simple crepe-style wrapping can be transformed into something quite extraordinary, by using handpicked accessories. Place the bottle in the center of the crepe paper (use two layers of this) in an upright position. Gather the rest of the paper carefully, and tie a piece of twine around the bottle's neck. Use a contrasting piece of crepe paper for the bottle's neck, before affixing your choice of accessory―pine cones, snowflakes, branches―customizing the bottle as per the occasion.
7: Sock and Bow Wrap
Sock and Bow Wrap
For those of you who don't have the patience or time to play around with arts-and-crafts material, this idea will serve more than the intended purpose. All you need is a Christmas sock and a satin ribbon. Just place the wine bottle in the sock, and wrap the bow around the base of its neck. Quick, easy, and amazing! You could also knit a bright red sock with Christmas-inspired applique work, and include a message as well through the knit-work.
8: Fancy Pouch Wrapping
Fancy Pouch Wrapping
These glamorous pouches are easily available in the market. If you do not wish to spend the extra money, and if you happen to have soft fabric at hand, it'll do just fine. Make use of the old dress or curtain fabric which you can alter down to size, according to the wine bottle's dimensions. Just place the wine in it and fasten it with an old curtain's tassels, or even a knotted old belt.
9: Light-Reflective Wrap with Curly Ribbons
Light-Reflective Wrap with Curly Ribbons
Like how you would wrap a gift ordinarily, this idea calls for just that. Just place the bottle upright at the center of the gift paper. Gather the paper around the bottle, securing it with a bright ribbon. Use tape to conceal any slits exposed while wrapping the bottle. For the ribbon's curliness, take a knife and hold it firmly below the ribbon, using your index finger and thumb to glide across its surface in one swift movement; this allows the ribbon to curl under the knife's pressure. Repeat it again for a curlier effect.
10: Decorative Wrap in a Gift Bag
Decorative Wrap in a Gift Bag
These ready-made options have made life easy for those who really don't have the time, or the inclination to do anything from scratch. We understand their plight, and therefore, have come up with a simpler alternative. Instead of just putting the bottle in the gift bag, try to add a touch of style to its presentation by merging colors in a wonderful display of sorts. Buff the colorful tissue in such a way that its edges peek attractively over the top of the bag, adding depth to an otherwise mediocre option.
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Not only is wine a delectable drink to gift someone, but the bottles can be turned into an aesthetic piece of art. These are just some of the many ways in which you can wrap a wine bottle, using an exceptional eye for detail. These ideas weren't only meant for DIY junkies, but also for those who wish to experiment with wonderful household items, that were once thought of as useless. If you have some ideas that you'd like to share with us and our readers, feel free to post your ideas in the comments section below. Cheers!