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Wedding Gift Ideas for a Bride

Tulika Nair Feb 10, 2019
Are you having difficulty in choosing wedding gifts for your friend who is getting married? If yes, then read these different ideas you can take inspiration from.
Weddings are difficult. Any movie with a bride in it will have you wondering about the sanity of the person wedding this woman, who walks around town behaving like Godzilla, ready to chomp on anyone who as much as breathes a naysaying thought in her direction. In reality, it is not much different from reel life.
Brides can be difficult, and as the wedding day approaches and nothing ever satisfies them. They balance the stress of planning a wedding with cold feet of letting go of their equally happy, single lives. So, fine you give in to their whims and fancies and try to tread softly around them, lest they turn around ready to behave like a fire-breathing dragon.
But how do you ensure that you buy the perfect present? Well, here we will discuss the options that you have for wedding gifts, so that when she opens that package, she does not throw another fit of dissatisfaction.
Photo frames and flowers, these are gifts that are a dozen a dime. While they are easy to pick out, they are generally flung into a closet christened To be gifted again. If you have known the bride for a while, then you would know her likes and dislikes.
Take a dip in this pool of knowledge that you have and think of things that she will love. If you are having a problem being innovative with ideas, then you can take a clue from the ideas given here.

From the Bridesmaids

Day at the Spa

With all the stress of the wedding, she will need a day of relaxation and what better way to guarantee that, than a day at the spa.
All the bridesmaids can pool in and book a day for the bridal party at the spa and rejuvenate themselves before the big day. End the day with a dinner at her favorite restaurant or a fancy five star hotel to continue the star-like treatment.


Something that will remind her of her sexiness and her beauty, lingerie is the perfect gift for a bride-to-be. This is something which will ensure that the spark is more than alive on the wedding night. Opt for lingerie in virginal white or a peignoir set or go wild with adventurous lingerie in lace and any other design that catches your fancy.


If the bride is a bibliophile, then this is a perfect gift for her from her loved ones. Search for the first edition of her favorite book or give her something that will make her laugh.
If you are unsure about which books to pick, you can always give her a certificate for her favorite book store, but try and combine this gift with another, more personalized idea.


Before she starts her married life, sneak her away for a quick girls only vacation. Take off to a place where the bride has always wanted to go.
Adventurous sports, spa getaways, whatever catches your fancy can be the theme of the vacation. This holiday with her gal pals is one she will remember forever, as one of the best memories of her single life.

From Parents and Parents-In-Law

Family Heirloom

For parents, it is always difficult to let go of their darling daughter and allow her to set up her own home.
A bride's wedding day is both the saddest and the happiest day for most parents. And what better to gift your daughter, than a family heirloom that has been passed on for generations.


With all the expenses of the wedding, it becomes difficult for most couples to spend a lot of money on their honeymoon. It is here that parents of both, the bride and the groom, can come together and gift the couple a honeymoon package to a destination of their choice.

From the Groom


Personalized gifts are synonymous with thoughtfulness. Your bride knows that you love her, but she would appreciate something that told her how much she means to you. Make a memory box with all the photographs and tiny souvenirs from the time that you have spent together.


Though cliched, jewelry makes for a romantic gift. Diamonds are and always will be a girl's best friend. Gift her a pendant she has been eying for a while or that ring that she has always wanted.
Choosing wedding gifts becomes easy if you know the bride well. It allows you to come up with an idea for a gift that will touch her heart and have her holding back her tears when she unwraps her present.