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Wedding Gifts Ideas for Your Sister

Girija Shinde Apr 19, 2019
If your sister is getting married, it is only fitting that you buy her a gift that she deserves. Since she has been a part of your life for all these years, you would know better than anyone else what would she love to have. But, if you are looking for something unique, here are some brilliant ideas.
Sister is one angel with whom you can fight, laugh, share, and also depend on. Elder or younger, having a sister is always fun. She is the person who will fight with you for hours, but also be on your side when the whole world is against you!
Her wedding is an emotional moment, but at the same time it is the time to have a blast! Make it the most special memory of her life by gifting her something like:

Honeymoon Tickets

What can be a more romantic gift idea for a newly wed couple than honeymoon tickets? If this seems too costly, you can book a room in a grand hotel where they are honeymooning.
But, don't forget to inform your sister or at least the bridegroom's mother about the reservations, at least a week before marriage.

Cooking Class Gift Certificate

While the wedding preparations are on, small things like cooking are overlooked by the to-be brides! But once the wedding is over and the couple is a bit settled, the brides start searching for cook books!
If you don't want your sister to face this, gift her a short-term cooking class certificate where she will be able to learn at least the basics of cooking! But, if your sister is already an expert in cooking, you can gift her some special cuisine cooking gift certificate, like that of Thai food or Italian food.

Set of Throw Blankets and Pillows

To make the couple's married life cozy, you can gift them a set of throw blankets and pillows. Silk throw blankets look very classy.
To give a personalized look to the set, you can have the blankets and pillows embroidered with their names. Or you could also add a quote or a saying like 'soulmates' or 'these souls were united on' and add their wedding date ahead.

Cleaning Service

The sweet dreams of a wedding come to an end when the new bride sees the mess created by herself and her dear husband!
So give your dear sister some more time to be in her dream world by gifting her cleaning service gift certificate of a year or half a year. She will surely love the gift and will thank you every day and night for giving her a clean house and also some more special moments with her husband!

Bath Caddy

A wooden bath caddy for the couple with bubble bath, champagne, scented candles etc., will help the newly wed couple relax and de-stress together. To personalize the gift, you could give them champagne glasses with their names etched on it.

Family Tree Sculpture

Family tree sculptures are small metal or silver trees, where the photos of all the family members can be hung on the delicate branches. This is one of those gifts which she can display in her living room as a centerpiece. What more can a new bride ask for?
Cash gifting is also a good option for newly wed couples as the money can be utilized for something they really need. Small or big, whichever gift you take for your bride sister, she will surely like it, because she will know the sentiments and feelings you put into it!