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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Guaranteed To Delight

Abbie Faulkner May 15, 2019
A bit lost when it comes to choosing the perfect anniversary gift? Take a look at what each anniversary year symbolises when it comes to gifts!
Wedding anniversaries are something to be celebrated in style, with thoughtful and sentimental gifts that show nothing but love, adoration and sentiment.

For many of us buying an anniversary gift for our parents, friends, and even our partners, can be a difficult task.

The Famous Anniversaries

You can celebrate the love with your partner, or the love for your family, friends any time you please - whether that's every month, every 6 months and so on.

There are however, quite popular anniversaries that are widely celebrated across the nation.
  • 25 years = Silver anniversary
  • 30 years = Pearl anniversary
  • 40 years = Ruby anniversary
  • 50 years = Gold anniversary
  • 60 years = Diamond anniversary

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A silver anniversary celebrates 25 years of marriage. Here are some gift ideas for a silver wedding anniversary:
  • Silver Jewellery (Necklaces, Pendants & Rings)
  • Silver Tableware 
  • Customised Mugs
  • Custom Bus Blind Prints

Pearl Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A pearl wedding anniversary celebrates an astonishing 30 years of marriage. Here are some gift ideas for the occasion:
  • Pearl Jewellery (Necklaces, Rings & Earrings)
  • Personalised Champagne
  • 3 Day Spa Break

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A ruby wedding anniversary celebrates 40 years of marriage. Can't think of gifts to purchase for this occasion?
  • Ruby Jewellery (Rings, Necklaces & Earrings)
  • Overnight Getaway
  • Stamp Art Custom Story Prints 

Gold Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A gold wedding anniversary symbolises a huge 50 years of marriage - so it's a special one.
  • Gold Jewellery 
  • Custom wall art
  • 50 Roses 
  • Newspaper Front Page Date Print (our top favourite, view it here)

Diamond Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The only and only, the big one - celebrating 60 years of marriage which is the biggest achievement!
  • Diamond Jewellery (Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings)
  • Personalised Framed Prints 
  • Diamond Year Book
  • Family Tree Print
Evidently, the gift you're looking for will depend on who you're buying it for. So, whether they love to travel, or they're into photography, puzzles or even sports, there are anniversary gifts that hold a special message.

For a more ultimate guide, wedding gifts by year can help you make more sense of anniversary gifts, and what the perfect one should be.