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Unusual Gift Ideas for a Best Friend

Uttara Manohar Sep 29, 2018
Looking for that one perfect gift is not easy, but when you have options it takes the load off such a task. Take a look at some unusual gift ideas for a best friend, which you can use as part of the gift hunting process.
Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.
Long interesting conversations that seem to go on and on, silly fights, funny stories, hilarious jokes, shared secrets, gathered hopes, dreams, and lots of love and an effortless level of utmost comfort are some of the things that we associate with our best friends.
We see every birthday or special occasion as an opportunity to let our best friends know how much we care, where we would rather think something unusual to give than going to a store.

Experience Gifts

Taking your friend out for a fun experience or a short trip or even a long vacation might be the perfect gift for your best friend.
What better gift than an opportunity to explore a novel and exciting experience, which can be anything, starting from an adventure sport, a hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride, a museum tour or even a long vacation to her/his dream destination as well.

Pampering Gifts

A pampering gift is a unique idea, which can include a lavish meal at a restaurant, a trip to the jeweler's or a relaxing foot massage at a luxurious spa.
An indulgent, pampering experience is the perfect way to convey how special he/she is for you. A relaxing spa session works best for workaholics who are in dire need of a break. In case your friend is a true foodie, then he/she would surely like to indulge in a fancy gourmet delight at a great restaurant.

Unusual Possessions

Now this category is truly on the 'unusual' side and let me warn you that your friend may or may not like these unusual gifts.
There are gift options that allow you to gift people a square inch of land in all the states of USA or a piece of land on the moon for that matter. Give your friend a Hollywood star frame, which resembles the one that Hollywood celebrities are presented with. You can also gift stocks and shares of successful companies in the stock market.

Truly Special Gifts

In case your friend is a nature lover, how about gifting a beautiful plant for your friend's garden. There are endless varieties of flowering plants like roses, lilies, orchids, or even exotic bonsai plants that can truly make your gift a special one.
On the other hand if your friend is an animal lover, how about a cute puppy or a cuddly cat that he/she will simply go gaga over.

Personalized Gifts

You can choose anything starting from personalized T-shirts, bathrobes, caps, music players, coffee mugs, caps, jewelry or even books and CDs.