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Unusual Baby Gifts

Reshma Jirage Jun 22, 2019
The birth of a baby is a joyous moment in every parent's life. Here are some gift ideas that you can choose from.
Offering gifts is a lovely way to celebrate a baby's arrival. Mostly, baby gifts are given at the time of baby shower ceremony and baby's christening or other religious ceremony. Some of the common baby gift items are clothes, furniture and money for an education fund. These gifts are very useful for a baby and the parents.
You can choose from a wide variety of gifts, e.g. toys, clothing, and nursery accessories. There are some gifts such as silver spoons, engraved jewelry, photo frames, baby cups, and baby furniture. Some of the most interesting and unusual ideas are listed here:
Shoulder sling: This handy shoulder sling is made from a strong cotton cloth. It is useful to hold the baby securely against a person's chest. It is quite comfortable the baby and the sling wearer.
Wrist watch baby monitor: It could be a very useful gift item for the parents. This wrist watch receiver receives the slightest sound of the baby through a transmitter placed near him/her. It runs on a rechargeable battery. It can be worn on the wrist or belt when you are away from the baby.
Baby bib: It is a wonderful baby gift item. With a waterproof baby bib, after each use, you can wipe to clean it. It is also provided with a pocket along the bottom to collect the food.
Musical mobile: A musical mobile hanging over the crib can be quite amusing for the baby. It also improves the baby's ability to focus on the objects. It comes in various shapes such as birds, fish, butterflies, or characters from fairy tales.
Cart seat: A cart seat with a safeguard and harness is a perfect gift for a newborn baby. When you take out your baby with you, you can keep it safely in the cart seat.
Changing table: It is a necessary item for every baby. It is designed in such a way that the baby does not roll off. Being lightweight, it can be easily moved. It is provided with several shelves at its bottom, which are useful for the storage.
Storage totebag: It is a spacious canvas bag that is useful for the nursery. It can be used to hold the books, baby powder, toys, CDs, baby bottles or toys.
Baby name scroll: It includes baby's first name, the history and meaning of the name, as well as some famous people with the same name. It has a colorful background with a golden crown, seals and crests.
CDs: CDs that are loaded with nature sounds such as raindrops, waves and forest sounds can be a wonderful gift for a baby. These CDs could be helpful for soothing the babies.
Baby gifts can brighten a new parent's day. These gifts are quite fascinating and useful for the baby and the new parents as they can use the items without having to buy them.