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Unique Wedding Gifts

Unique Wedding Gifts

Tired of looking everywhere for unique wedding gifts? Unique and special wedding gifts are a bit difficult to choose, aren't they? Read this article to make your job easier.
Neha Joshi
Weddings are a unique event, which deserve some unique gifts. Various wedding gifts can be called unique gifts, but they will differ according to the couple. They can be the cheapest of gifts but might be unique and special in their own way. Money or no money, you always want your wedding gift to be the most special out of the lot. And if you are the couple receiving the gift, then hell yeah, unique it has to be. Here are some unique and out of the box wedding gifts that might help you make your gift the best that the couple receives on their wedding day.

7 One of a Kind Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

#1: Holiday Tickets
The couple already have their honeymoon I agree, but how about that extra free vacation? Yes, if you are willing to spend and the wedding couple is close to you, you can actually gift them holiday tickets to one of their favorite destination. You can decide the destination depending upon your budget and also do take into consideration the couples' time. Preferably, gift them tickets for a weekend trip, so that it does not get canceled due to office work and other prior commitments. If you are really very close to the couple, you can actually gift them their honeymoon. Surprise them with the tickets and you will be making it one of the most exceptional wedding gifts. Make special arrangements for them at the place of destination and surprise them. There is nothing like doubling the joy, is there?

#2: Jewelry
Jewelry isn't just a wedding gift for bride, but for the groom too. You can make rings of the same design for both the bride and the groom. These will be considered as one of the unique wedding gifts, as they will be having similar jewelry, be it rings, pendants or a bracelet even. They don't have to be exactly the same obviously, but the pattern can be the same. For example, you can gift a Claddagh ring to both of them or a solitaire even.

#3: Accessories
Accessories can be really awesome gifts, if you know the couple well. Right from certain ornaments, to watches to office going accessories, everything can be gifted in a unique way by gifting them the same thing. You can gift them watches of the same series or also two similar cell phones with unlimited free calling between the couple.

#4: Ancestral Gifts
Unique wedding gifts for the bride and groom are plenty, but what we need to focus on is it being unique, isn't it? If there is one thing that nobody can beat is, gifting an ancestral piece. Let it be necklaces, furniture or property even, this is possible to be gifted only in the family. If your child is getting married, gift him/her/them something your parents left you, however small it is. You can gift this to someone close as well, someone you consider as family. For example, if you are the godfather or godmother and your child is getting married, this is something you can surely do.

#5: Personalized Furniture
Usually, people shift to new homes after the wedding or they may also renovate their current place of residence. In this case, you can gift them some unique and a little costly furniture with their names or initials carved on the furniture along with their wedding date. This will be special and close to the couple even though it's just a piece of furniture. If you want it to look different from the other wedding gifts, go for something really different in the styling.

#6: Scrapbooks
Scrapbooks are a unique gift for any occasion as they are the most personalized gifts you can give someone filled with memories. If you want your scrapbook to stand apart from all the other wedding gifts, make sure you make it well. Take out time and collect all photographs of the couple. Look for photographs clicked at special moments and give it a memorable feeling. Try to add the surprise element by adding photographs the couple has either forgotten or they don't know that these snaps have actually been clicked. Get the scrapbook signed from all the close friends and family too.

#7: Photo Frame
Select the most special photograph of the couple and frame it in a unique way. The photograph should be of a special moment and selection of a good frame should just add to the uniqueness. An absolutely unique gift, it doesn't take much of your time. All you need to do is hunt for that one photograph and frame it. The type of frame you can choose from the store or online in hardly any time. This can be one of the unique gifts for parents as they'll have plenty of photographs and you'll know where to find them.

These were some unique wedding gift ideas that I hope appealed to you and helped you choose one from among all the unique wedding gifts. Always remember to know as much as possible about the couple. This makes choosing the wedding gifts even easier and better, as you are more sure of the couple liking your gift. So go there and gift the wedding couple something unique. Make them happy.
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