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Unique Summer Themed Gifts for Friends and Family

Austin Winder Aug 21, 2019
Just in case you wished to gift something to your friends and family this summer, you still have time. You can come up with some great season themed gifts for your friends and family!
A summer-themed gift is great for birthdays, housewarming parties, graduations, and for friends and family under this weather. There are endless items you can buy for the recipients, that will turn out to be most memorable.
In addition to being thoughtful, they can also be incredibly useful throughout the hottest months of the year. Whether given alone or in a gift basket, any of these options will be a surefire hit.

Can Coolers

On hot summer days, nothing is worse than a drink that gets warm more quickly than you can drink it. Can coolers are an excellent gift idea! The recipient can use these, all summer long to keep their drinks cold until they're finished. If you want to make this more unique, you can even customize coolers online.

Soaps, Candles and Other Aromas

Soaps are perfect to wash away sweat on a hot day and summertime candles can be personalized to bring aroma to the house.
Other forms of fun aromatic designs such as bourbon and bergamot decorations are perfect gifts to make a house look and smell prettier in summer.


Flowers are always wonderful. They brighten up the recipient's home with bold colors and leave a light floral scent through the house. You can order flowers online, or go to a local flower shop and arrange your own bouquet.
There are special arrangements to be found as well. For example, there are arrangements in a variety of shapes, colors and even the single rose from Beauty and the Beast.

Recipe Book

Find the best summer recipes online and make a book of them. If the recipients enjoy cooking, they'll appreciate the new ideas that they can try. If you want to go the extra mile, prepare a recipe to deliver along with the book.
Good recipes aren’t even just about the taste; it’s also an important part of overall wellness to be able to eat a variety of foods. Recipe books allow you to add veggies and other ingredients that people may not ordinarily eat, so you’re providing friends with a way to enrich their lives.


Treat someone to a picnic so you can enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Bring a blanket, something refreshing to drink, crackers, olive tapenade, Parmesan cheese, and a crisp salad. Finish with fresh fruit and you'll both leave full with a greater appreciation of the outdoors.

Hand Towels

Customize hand towels with the recipient's initials or even flowers and lemons form a gift that's elegant and useful.

Custom Mason Jars

Customized mason jars can be purchased online so you can make the design that suits your friend the best. However, you can easily make these yourself with a little bit of time and a few supplies. Give these with a pack of paper straws and they'll think of you every time they pour a glass of tea.

Baked Goods

If you enjoy baking, make some treats for someone special. Lemon bars, strawberry cheesecake, banana pudding, cookie ice cream sandwiches, banana split cookies are delicious ideas. Put them in a basket with a hand-written note and the recipient will be delighted.
Tip: Ask the person you're giving baked goods, if they have allergies. This will ensure they can safely eat the items that you bake.

Finding the Perfect Gift

Giving a gift with a summertime theme is an easy way to show someone that you care. With these ideas, you'll give something that's memorable and unique from anything else they've been given. The hardest decision will be choosing which gift to buy.