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7 Wonderfully Unique Push Gift Ideas for New Moms

7 Unique Push Gift Ideas for New Moms
Push gifts, also known as baby bauble, are presents that husbands gift their wives in order to commemorate the birth of the baby. If you are looking for such a gift, then here are some affordable push gift ideas to help you choose the best gift for your significant other.
Parul Solanki
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Push gifts are the rage these days among celebrities. Peggy Tanous, the Real Housewives of Orange County star, was gifted a diamond bracelet and a Bentley by her husband Micah!
Holding her tiny bundle of joy is probably the greatest gift for any mother. However, as a husband, if you want to honor your wife's profound, life-altering moment, then you can get her a nice push present. Push presents are gifts that husbands gift their wives as a way to commemorate the birth of their baby. Sometimes, friends and family members can also give push presents. After nine months of aches and pains, pampering the new mom with gifts is a good idea. No wonder, celebrities are embracing this trend more than ever with celebrities such as Keith Urban gifting his wife, Nicole Kidman, a diamond-encrusted trinity ring from Cartier after the birth of their first child.
It is, however, not necessary to buy an expensive, over-the-top gift for the new mommy. Simple gifts such as personalized charm bracelets or a statement ring can be heartfelt and beautiful. As for the new mommies, if you want something specific as your push present, start dropping hints early on to get what you want. However, if you have not received any such hint from your wife, then here are some unique and affordable push gift ideas that new moms are sure to love.
Silver Charm Bracelet
Silver Charm Bracelet
Jewelry is the best traditional push present. Gift your wife a beautiful, slender silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of delicate, hand-finished sterling silver charms. You can personalize the bracelet according to your preference. You can choose from simple ball charms and beads to adorable baby feet charms, Swarovski crystals birthstones, and silver discs with the child's initials and birth date. Charms made of the baby's fingerprints are also quite popular.
Birthstone Ring
Birthstone Rings
To commemorate your baby's birth month, gift the new mother a gorgeous sterling silver birthstone ring featuring the baby's birthstone. For example, if the baby is born in January then his/her birthstone would be garnet. A single stone garnet ring or a beautiful stack ring crafted from silver and featuring round pavé-set garnets would be the ideal gift for her.
Gift Card
Gift Card
Now that the baby is here, the mommy would like to take a well-deserved break by going on a shopping spree. Since you are still dilly-dallying over the perfect push present for her, why not give her a gift card of her favorite store. If she is not too keen on moving out and about, then you can give her a gift card of an online store, like Amazon, so that she gets what she needs without having to jostle around in a crowded mall.
Spa Gift Basket
Spa Gift Set
New moms will never say no to some relaxation and pampering after carrying the baby around for nine months. Bring the spa home by gifting her a luxurious spa basket with scented bath gels, bubble baths, organic bar soaps, and scented diffuser oil. Better still, gift her a voucher for some amazing post-baby spa treatments which includes tummy-toning massages and pedicures that help reduce stress and strain.
A Tablet
Never underestimate the power of gadget gifts, especially for a mommy who is going to spend long hours with the baby at home all day. A new baby means lots of sleep-deficient nights. A tablet allows her to read her favorite ebook, shop online, watch new movies, and even pay bills while she is rocking the baby to sleep or whiling away time while the baby is asleep.
Chocolates and Flowers
Chocolates and Flowers
It may not be the most unique gift, but even simple chocolates and a bouquet of her favorite flowers can cheer up a tired mom unlike anything else. Wait until the new mom gets back home from the hospital, and then have fresh flowers and chocolates delivered at the doorstep. Once the flowers are dry, make them into a fragrant potpourri.
Glider and Ottoman
Glider and Ottoman
Gifting her a baby gear that she also can use would be amazing. How about a good glider and ottoman. A lot of babies find gliding and rocking quite comforting while they sleep. Look for cushioned glider with a sturdy back and ergonomic support. Gliders such as the Storkcraft Hoop & Glider Ottoman with a variety of wood bases and cushion colors and comfortable back and seat cushions are excellent for new mommies.
Want to give her something special? How about planning a relaxing Mediterranean getaway, or doing the chores for a week so that the new mom gets the much-needed rest. Instead of the price tag on the gift, it is the sentiment that matters. So, choose something special that will allow the mother to feel special and celebrate the birth of the special love in her life.
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