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Unique Gift Ideas for Babies

Manali Oak Feb 10, 2019
Here are some unique gift ideas for babies. Take a look.
"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for". - Anonymous
Have you looked at a child's eyes? So inquisitive they are! Those little eyes yearn to grasp everything around them. Their tiny lips want to say so much. With their faces so expressive and actions so innocent, children are nature's sweetest creations. Finding the right gift for a baby might seem easy, but is quite difficult.
Gifting newborns is the celebration of their coming into this world. A baby book could be a unique gift for them. These are books in which the parents can keep records of small and big events in the baby's life right from the first day of his life.
Gifting toddlers is about cherishing their growing years, which make toys and educational games a good gift option for them. Like any other gift, the choice would depend on the baby's age, the occasion to gift, and your budget. The bottom-line is to think different and come up with a unique gift idea.
Baby book or a baby's Bible are good gift options for babies. This book can be used to record all the little things worth remembering in the child's life.
It gives the parents a chance to record their child's developmental milestones as well as small things that would go on to become a treasure of sweet memories. The book cover can be personalized to bear the child's name and/or picture.
A photo frame with a small poem about the milestones in a baby's life is another good option. You could gift a photo album or a photo book which can again be personalized by writing short messages about babyhood, or about the child and his parents.
Better yet, gift a photo collage or an album with photos of the child and his family, taken by you. This idea is feasible if the child is in the family or of a close friend or neighbor. You could even arrange a small photo shoot with them; that if you are good at photography.
Baby socks, shoes, and clothes are good gift ideas for a baby. Baby scrubs, soaps and other baby cosmetics are useful and worth gifting.
A shawl, sweater, mittens, and baby blankets are other options. Great if you can stitch. If not, buy these. The baby's mother can be presented with a knitting kit. Baby prams, baskets, and tubs could also be gifted.
Gift them soft pillows or mats with animal prints. Now, what's going to add a unique element to these gifts is your creativity. Be creative and personalize these gifts. Have the child's name written on the sweater or blanket. Choose a specific theme for the shoes and clothes.
Make a gift basket out of baby products and personalize it with a letter to the baby. (A message he would enjoy reading when he grows older; perhaps, letter addressed to the baby about his parents or about your relation with him).
Add a message tag with each gift item signifying why you chose it as a gift for the baby. Create your own symbolism for each little gift and convey through written words, what each of them means.
A birth certificate holder is a unique gift idea for a baby. There are those with and without a stand, and there are those in unique shapes. You may add keepsakes with this. Buying an insurance policy for the baby or making an investment in his name is a gift for the child's better financial future.
If the baby has elder siblings, do take small gifts for them too. Soft toys, board games, candy, or a photograph of them with the baby is a unique idea. If the children are old enough, piggy banks are a good option.
Kids of a slightly greater age can be presented with storybooks and prayer books. Obviously, these books would be used by parents to teach prayers, rhymes, or read out stories to their kids.
You could add some coloring books if you are gifting a toddler. If the child has just begun to read, begun to hold a crayon/pencil, or if he has newly begun to learn language, books could be of real help, and make a perfect gift for the kid.
Toys are popular gifts for babies. See that the gifted toys suit the baby's age. See whether you are gifting a baby girl or a boy. There are various gift sets available in the market. Dolls and musical toys are other preferences. Go in for the best-selling items. Choose from the popular ones.
You could choose from rocking horses, walkers, and swings. Depending on their age, you could choose learning toys and educational games for them. If they are very young, rattles and teethers are good gift options. Dolls, balls, building blocks, and play dough are among other ideas.
Silver ornaments, baby necklaces, bracelets, or small pendants serve as some nice and useful gifts for babies. It's a good idea to base the choice of pendants on the zodiac sign of the kid. Including the baby's birthstone in the jewelry item is another idea. Or you could gift them a locket and baby earrings.
Baby diaper cakes make great gifts for babies and new parents. They come in good varieties, look attractive and also be of use to the parents. Baby carriers is also an option.
Babies of a slightly greater age could be given easy learning material. Alphabet building blocks and word builders are some popular options. Nowadays, learning kits are offered as CDs and DVDs that turn out to be interactive gifts for kids.
A variety of baby gifts is available. Many of them come at reasonable prices. If you are ready to shell out more money, you can make expensive choices. Base your gift idea on the occasion of gifting and the utility of that gift item to the baby and the parents.