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Unique Engagement Gifts

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Oct 14, 2018
An engagement is a big day in a couple's life, and you should present them with something that they will value and treasure even after they are married. Here, we give you some unique ideas, that will surely brighten this important day for them.
Earlier, an engagement was a private affair where the boy would nervously pop the question with a ring in his hand, and the girl would blush, giggle, and say yes! However, these days, couples believe in celebrating this special moment with their near and dear ones.
Engagements have taken a form of a mini-wedding, complete with invitations, guest list, decorations, etc. If the couple is taking so much pain to invite people who are close to them, it only makes sense to return their sweet gesture with a token of love, on your part.

Unique Engagement Gift Ideas

Earlier home appliances and other objects of home d├ęcor were primarily gifted as engagement gifts. The concept was to help the new couple in setting their new home. However, these days a lot of variety is seen in the gift items presented to the couple.

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are the most elegant and chic engagement gifts. For personalized gifts consider hand painting the wine glasses.
You can also consider gifting them a bottle of vintage wine. Other wine and bar accessories are also a great engagement gift idea. You can also give them a bottle of champagne as a mark of celebration.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are becoming increasingly popular as gift items. You can give an assortment of useful, funny, or absolutely cute things in a gift basket. A barbecue and beer gift basket is ideal for a couple who loves to throw BBQ parties.
Similarly, if he or she is a connoisseur of food, consider gifting a gourmet gift basket of chocolates, cheese, and wine. You cannot go wrong with an assortment of liqueur chocolates in a gift basket.

Spa Coupons

The engagement celebration and the wedding preparations are bound to leave your friends exhausted. So, why not treat them to a stress-relieving spa session? Gift them spa coupons to a spa or beauty salon to let them unwind and de-stress themselves.

Passes and Tickets

Passes to a concert or tickets to amusement park can prove to be great gift ideas for a newly engaged couple. If the couple is into classic music, gift them passes to a classical music concert.
Similarly tickets to movies and theater are some other gift ideas. However, before booking the tickets for the couple, check if they are free for that particular show.


If the couple is especially close to your heart, then jewelry can be a thoughtful gift idea. You can choose silver, gold, or platinum jewelry as per your budget. Earrings or a neck piece for the bride, and cuff links or a bracelet for the groom, are some good jewelry gift ideas.

Personalized Gifts

Collect photos of the couple at various stages in their life (from their friends or family), and make a beautiful collage.
Alternatively, you can also make a slideshow of these pictures and burn a CD. Making a scrapbook for the couple is also an interesting personalized gift. Ask the guests present to write a few words about the couple. This way, the memories of their engagement will be with them forever.
These were some unique ideas for engagement gifts. If you cannot think of anything else, you can simply gift them a bouquet of their favorite flowers. You cannot possibly go wrong with that. Cheers!