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Wow! Jaw-dropping Traditional Gifts to Leave the Host Delighted

Sujata Iyer Apr 23, 2019
Today, most people prefer giving modern and practical housewarming gifts. However, there are some traditional ones that can bring out the true emotion behind the gift. Here's a look at what these are.
So, your friend has just moved into her dream home and has invited you for the big housewarming party. You're super excited and happy for your friend, but you have no clue about what to give her?
Knowing that everyone will go for something ultra-modern or fancy, you want to keep it simple and traditional. Here, we will tell you about some of these gifts, so you can choose which one you would like to give your friend.

Housewarming Gifts: The Traditional Ones

You may think that the gifts mentioned here are very simple as compared to a personalized gift, or a fancy gift basket, but remember, these are traditional and their beauty lies in their simplicity and the significance that each gift has.


Bread is often gifted to new home owners as a symbol of perpetual well-being and as a wish that the people living in the new home never go hungry.
The great part about this food gift is that there are so many gourmet bakeries that whip up delicious loaves of different types of bread in various flavors. So you can fancy up this gift with your local baker's help.


Candles are gifted to a new home owner with a wish that their house is always filled with light, and darkness may never come upon them. Different types and fragrances of candles are available in the market. So, just pick a few up and gift away!


Salt is gifted to ensure that there is a considerable amount of spice in your life. May you never be tired of your mundane routine and may each day hold a new surprise for you. You can buy different types of salts too! Bath salts or edible salts, the choice is yours!


This gift signifies that you wish to ward off all evil that may befall your dear friend. 
If you don't want to give a regular broom, you can go in for a miniature version that can be available at a handicrafts store. If not, then have one made with a housewarming message on it.


Coins represent the wealth and prosperity that you wish for the new owners. The type of coin is entirely up to you. Simple currency coins or coins that are not minted anymore. Coins from different countries or a silver or gold coin. You have so many options!


Just like wood is strong and sturdy, it symbolizes that you wish strength and stability in the life that your friend will be starting in her new home.
You can give so many wooden objects as gifts. Right from handicrafts, to a piece of furniture, or a simple piece of expensive wood like sandalwood, or a name plaque, etc.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is believed to be gifted as a wish for constant good health and well-being. Some people also believe that it is given to keep the husband from cheating on the wife. The best option for this gift idea would be to buy a bottle of pure olive oil, and empty it into a beautifully painted glass bottle. This will make this simple gift look exquisite!

Wine or Honey

Wine is to wish that your life is filled with sweetness of every kind.
May you never see any sorrow, and may you have a happy life in this home. You can have an expensive bottle of wine or a jar of honey wrapped in a beautiful gift box, accompanied with some cookies and other food items.