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Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend
Tired of gifting something cliché to your boyfriend? Want to make it a tad different this time? Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas you can use.
Neha Joshi
There are so many times that we look for some really thoughtful gifts and never find them. Have you wondered why? Why do we always come across the same old gifts? Surely there are a lot of unique ideas out there! The problem is, we've stopped thinking different; nobody has the time to take efforts in today's world, with such a busy schedule to live by everyday. To make your task a littler easier, we've listed some ideas that are unique, creative, and certainly thoughtful.
Be a Sport this time around and make sure you do what he likes. I know we women get bored (and irritated) seeing the love our men have for sports. But this time, play his favorite game with him. Arrange for a match in the nearest grounds and surprise him. Don't just arrange it, this time play with him. Buy similar jerseys for both of you (a double gift) and there you go. I'm sure you will make his day.
Makeover Time is here baby! Yes, get yourself a complete makeover and let him know you did this for him. If he likes short hair, so be it. This is really a special gesture and you're surely going to drive him crazy with the whole idea of it. Moreover, this is something he really won't be expecting and will be a great surprise for him. If you want any hints, you can ask him what he'd change in your appearance if he had to.
Cruise With Him at a romantic destination. A cruise is much more relaxing than a road trip. Surprise him with this one too. Talk to his boss, arrange for his leave, and also request him to hide this from your boyfriend. Get done with your reservations in advance to save on expenses, specially if you have a tight budget. Let him not expect this at all. Tell him you both have to go meet someone and reach your cruising destination instead.
Surprise Him with something that he really won't expect on his birthday this year. Though a surprise birthday party has always been a thoughtful gift, this year make it even better. Make a lovely movie from all the photographs and videos you have of him and show it at the party. Also, you can make a lovely scrapbook that will stay with him forever. What's more? You can ask all the people in the party to sign it.
Write to Him all the things you want to say to him and give it to him as a letter. This will be one of the most thoughtful gifts ever, isn't it? Also, make sure you write it genuinely, with all your heart. Let it be 100% original. Remind him of special moments he must've forgotten over the years. This is one of the best personalized gifts that you can come up with. Also, don't do a hasty job.
A thoughtful gift needs a unique, creative idea. With so many ideas, you can now gift him something he'll remember forever.
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