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Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Parents to Make Them Feel Loved

Thank You Gift Ideas for Your Parents
Parents always try to provide their children with the best that there is. By giving them a nice thank you gift you can show your appreciation, and make your parents feel special. This GiftinGlory article provides a list of some great thank you gifts for parents.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2018
There are so many things that our parents do for us, from changing our diapers at odd hours in the night to planning our weddings. They are always there for us through thick and thin, nurturing us and raising us with lots of love and care. While we may all love our parents, there are not many times that we show our appreciation towards all that they have done and continue to do for us. A physical gift may not be enough but it can show our parents how much we care for them and love them.
When choosing a gift for the parents, especially one that shows your appreciation towards them, you can get confused. Should I buy separate gifts for mom and dad, or should I give them something that they both would enjoy and love? Once you enter the gift shop your mind becomes even more muddled with all the gift items out there. So, you often end up picking up something that may not be what you really wanted to give. To avoid all the confusion, here are some great thank you gift ideas for parents that they are sure to enjoy and love.
10 Best Thank You Gift Ideas for Parents
A Vacation
Enjoying Vacation
If your parents love traveling, then what better way to treat them than a vacation to a relaxing getaway, free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A trip to an exotic location like Hawaii or a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise is the perfect gift for your parents. Alternately, you can find out your parents' dream destination and plan a vacation accordingly. When planning the trip, make sure you make reservations in a good hotel, provide restaurant certificates, and other vouchers for activities on the trip as well.
A Family Photo
Family Photo
Memories of their children are something that all parents cherish. Get an old family photo framed, and gift it to your parents. Vintage photo frames, wooden frames, or silver frames are some of the great choices. You can get a photo where both your parents are present, or alternately give separate photos to mom and dad, like a framed photo of your father-daughter dance during the wedding for your dad.
Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are best for picky parents. A gift certificate from your parents' favorite store can come in handy when in doubt. For example, if your parents are book lovers then a gift certificate from a popular bookstore is a great idea. If your parents are comfortable with online shopping, then there are a number of stores like Amazon that offer gift cards. These can be used to purchase a wide variety of items from the site.
Potted Plants
Potted Plants
Unlike gifts that fade away from your parents' memory, a potted plant is a gift that is a surefire "forget me not". Flowering plants like gardenias, roses, and orchids are colorful and make a great gift. Choose "thank you" plant containers, or festoon your plant with gifts and ribbons to show your love and appreciation for your parents.
Wine Gift Basket
Wine Gift Basket
A bottle of wine and a selection of tasty treats in a wicker basket makes for a splendid thank you gift for your parents. Make sure you choose the wine that your parents like. Add wine glasses and a printed thank you note as well.
Chocolates and Flowers
Chocolates and Flowers
What better way to say it than with flowers and chocolates? It may be old-fashioned but watch how your parents' eyes light up when you gift them their favorite chocolates and a gorgeous bouquet of colorful flowers.
Vintage Tea Set
Vintage Tea Set
You are sure to score points with your mom with this gift. Antique tea sets made with fine bone china make for perfect keepsakes. These tea sets in the market are often available in stylish gift boxes. If you cannot find them at a store near you, then search online for a great selection of tea sets.
Photo Book
Family photo album favors
A great thank you gift for your parents would be a photo book containing all your favorite memories that you shared with your parents. You can personalize your photo book by choosing different backgrounds, dust jackets, covers, and sizes of photos to add.
Homemade Baked Goodies
Baked Goodies
Remember the days when every time mom made her amazing baked cookies, the entire house smelt like a bakery? Well, time for some role reversal. Bake your mom some cookies with her special recipe. If you cannot find that, then try a recipe from the Internet.
Something They Love
Something They Love
Giving them a gift that they love or enjoy is the perfect way to treat and thank them. Moreover, it is not necessary that you give them a combined gift. If dad enjoys football, then personalized football calendars or DVDs can make the perfect gift for him, while mom can enjoy a relaxing day at the spa.
Other great thank you gifts for parents would include personalized mugs, engraved pen sets, and personalized jewelry. Whatever you choose, add a thank you note with it as well. Remember, for parents, even the tiniest gifts from their children matter to them. It is the thought that counts.
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