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Teacher Gift Ideas

Gaynor Borade Feb 6, 2019
Education imparted is an act that can never be repaid well enough. Teachers all over the world reach out and touch the lives of millions of students, of various age groups. Pay back time for the selfless service is everyday! Here are a few unique gift ideas for the same.
It hardly matters whether you are a student, parent, or a top-notch administrator; you have definitely been touched by the concern and knowledge imparted by a teacher. He/she takes care of the impressions formed on the tender minds during the sensitive years.
And the reason to thank your instructor are many- for the patient ear, the fresh input of knowledge, the first-aid rendered, the impartial treatment, and the list goes on and on.
There are a number of exclusive gift ideas that you can access to show this alma mater of knowledge how much they mean to you and the difference they are making to your life. The suggestions and possibilities are many and you are now only a click away!
A good teacher never hesitates to say 'thank you' and acknowledge a job well done. Just as he/she offers support and acknowledgment, he/she should also receive due recognition from parents and students for his/her hard work.
In the case of a residential school, students can tie up with the administration staff or the management and prepare breakfast for all the teachers, any one morning of the week, every week, or every month.
Self-written poems and notes of appreciation always touch the heart of a teacher. You could even combine efforts and present the result during a special assembly or over the intercom, on the first or last day of school, post vacation!
Coffee and pastries are all-time favorites and arriving at work with the staff room looking like the local coffeehouse is always welcome. You could even opt to have your guide's name embossed or imprinted on coffee mugs or T-shirts, with a special mention of a project completed in that teacher's class.
Hand-made cards from recycled paper, acknowledging the guide for going above and beyond, or accepting a challenge and completing it is also a well-received gesture.
You could plan your teacher's own treasure chest of appreciation by decorating a shoe box or flowerpot, that can hold all the special notes, cards, and gifts he/she receives through the year.
You could also plan a Teacher Appreciation Week. The students can decorate the staff lounge and the hallways with pictures, banners, festoons, etc. A 'Walk' could be created for your teachers and an announcement of each one's name as he/she walks into school will make the effort a celebration!
Another creative idea is organizing a class photograph and with the help of the management having it enlarged with a suitable caption like 'Project (xyz)', where xyz could be the year of the batch, the name of the teacher, or any special memory shared exclusively by the class and him/her.
You could even access the lawns of the school, and lie down to form the name of the teacher and get it photographed. You could also redecorate areas accessed frequently by the pedagog, like the staff room corner, library nook, or the teacher's parking lot with fresh wallpaper or paint, pictures or paper, fabric, or fresh flowers.
Gift ideas are aplenty. Ultimately, the intent stands out and touches the life of your teacher, just as he/she makes a difference to your life.
The class could also indulge in a hand print display in bright colors, like crimson red, navy blue, or yellow paint either on the walls of the front foyer, with the management's consent of course, or on a chart paper. Your effort will never go unnoticed and will make one more individual proud of the vocation!