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Sweet Sixteen Gifts for Boys

Scholasticus K Apr 19, 2019
The sixteenth birthday can mean a lot to most teenagers, it can mean that a kid or teen is fast approaching the most cherished phase in his/her life. Here, we have suggested some sweet sixteen gifts for boys that might just make their birthday even more special.
A sweet sixteen party is a birthday party hosted by the family of the boy who is turning sixteen. It is held to celebrate the start of a new phase in the boy's life. The age of sixteen is also a critical age, because from this age the boy starts to get more matured.
He enters in an age where he starts to understand the meaning of responsibility, importance of hard work, and embarks upon a voyage for the quest of success and knowledge. Hence, giving a meaningful gift to the boy on this occasion is very important.
The gift should not only be meaningful, but must also be something that the boy can use in his later life. Here are some sweet sixteen gift suggestions that you could put to use.


Books are probably among the best gifts for boys. But do not pick up some random story book that you feel is good. It's important that the book is not only interesting, but is also meaningful.
Hence, it is always advisable that you give the boy a set of religious and holy books, which would teach him important lessons of life. We would suggest that you compile a set of these religious books namely, the Bible, Bhagwat Gita (the religious book of Hindu religion), the Holy Quran and the Tanakh (holy book of the Jews).
All these books contain some very important lessons about life and the reading and grasping of these lessons would definitely prove to be very beneficial. You can easily purchase translations and simplified versions of all these books from any large book store.
If you do not intend to give soething religious, go in for some other books from categories, like adventure, crime fiction, suspense, or intellectual books like encyclopedias.

Family Heirloom

If you are planning for something more symbolic, this is the best time to gift a family heirloom to your son. This handing over of an heirloom would prove to be an unbreakable bond between your boy and the family
If your family does not have an heirloom, a wrist watch or a writing pen would also be a great gift.

Hobby Supplies

Something that nurtures a very good hobby can be an ideal option. For example, musical instruments, paints or art work accessories, etc. If he does not have any hobby, then gift him with something that could turn to be a good hobby, like a nice camera.

Sports Shoes

Teenage boys are always eager to play any outdoor game. Gifting a pair of sports shoes is a very good idea. You could also give him a football or may be a baseball stick.

A Pet

A pet is another mind-blowing option. Gifting him with a pet would not only give him a companion and friend, but would indirectly teach him very important lessons in life.
There are several other ideas you could use, like a type writer, that would motivate your boy to write and gain mastery over written communication, or his own fishing rod or rifle, etc.