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Surprise Gifts for Men

Saptakee Sengupta Jun 18, 2019
Want to surprise him on his birthday? Here some unique ideas that will help you. After all, a gift that surprises your man is definitely a gift worth buying.
He might be a father, a husband, or a lover. He'll love the surprise gifts mentioned here. From the unique to the obvious, these gifts definitely bring out a smile. And doesn't a surprise add to the value of the gift? Whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, or a promotion, these gifts are going to make any occasion extra special. Let's see what they are?

Quick Ideas

  • Make him a scrapbook of multiple coupons. Take him to the mall and surprise him with them. Let him spend the rest of the day shopping.
  • Loves photography? Take him to a beautifully unique place and gift him a camera. Let him take his first photograph with you.
  • Spends all his time traveling? Get his favorite movies transferred to his phone or to an iPad. Make it a two-in-one gift.
  • Doesn't have the time to catch up with his friends and family? Call them over and throw the good old surprise party that never fails.
  • Loved comics as a child? Hunt for a collector's edition and gift books/DVDs of his favorite comic.
  • Tied up with too many responsibilities? Pack his bags and leave him at the airport with an all-inclusive, paid for trip.

Holiday Tickets

Want to gift something to your husband? Plan a surprise weekend getaway and book the tickets well in advance. Disclose the plan to him at the last moment.
If executed properly, this is a great idea. If you both haven't been out for a long time, then this short break would be a great way to spend some quality time with each other.

Electronic Goods

Almost every man is ardently fond of electronic gadgets. If your boyfriend has an eye on a particular gadget, your work becomes only easier. If not, talk to a friend who knows what's new and what's good.

Club Membership

Be it a membership at the gym, book club, or music club, this gift idea would ensure you pamper his hobby. Disclose the gift at the location. For example, if you decide to gift him a gym membership, take him to the gym, show him around, and then give him the gift.

Romantic Dinner

Cook his favorite meal at home. Do the preparations beforehand so he doesn't get hints. Light some candles, put on a great movie, and pour some wine. There! You have the perfect night!


Can't get his eyes of the TV? Make him a gift basket filled with classic movies, albums, series, etc. Whatever it is that's keeping him busy and glued to the idiot box, goes into the gift basket.
It's always better to come up with gifts that are useful. Give him something he'll use everyday; something that will remind him of you every now and then.