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Summer Gifts for Kids

Girija Shinde Apr 20, 2019
Summer is all about vibrancy, liveliness, and unrestrained fun. Kids can't wait to experience the warmth of the outdoors, especially since they get to play with their summer-appropriate toys. The following summer gift ideas should leave any kid squealing with glee.
For grownups, summer is all about barbecue parties and sun bathing. For kids, it's about running wild in the sun and getting drenched in a pool. What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than to give a kid something that will keep him actively occupied during playtime? Let's take a look at what kind of summer gifts would best lapse a child's time.

Cool Summer Gifts for Kids

Beach Ball and Sandcastle Tools

What could be more fun than getting to use these gifts at the beach? The beach ball can be tossed around in the backyard too, but there's something great about doing it at the beach instead.
Have the kids join in for a good game of passing the ball, followed by building sandcastles. The whole family can join in since it requires more than a pair of hands, making the experience an enjoyable one at that.

Water Guns

Nothing is cooler than owning a powerful water gun that can take down an opponent in plain view.
Not only will it encourage kids to indulge in a healthy active session of running around, but will prove to be oodles of fun that can keep one preoccupied for hours. Buy a gun by first being sure that it is age-appropriate. You also get smaller water guns for toddlers that don't expel a strong spray of water.

Inflatable Pool/Slide

For kids who don't have a pool in the backyard, this is the perfect gift that gives them their very own one at last.
Be sure that it is sturdy enough to handle multiple occupants, checking the instructional manual to see how many are advised to go in. For those who already have a pool, placing an inflatable slide in its proximity, will allow kids to slide right into it. What fun!


Choose an adorable-looking swimsuit, keeping in mind the age of the child. You get an envious display of colors and designs that any kid would love to wear.
From Disney characters and nautical stripes, to shimmer and appliqué work, swimsuits aren't what they used to be―dull, mediocre, and conventional. You even get matching swimsuits that the whole family can wear, giving you a great photograph moment, no doubt.