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Spa Gift Baskets

Gaynor Borade Jun 18, 2019
The awareness towards overall health and fitness has increased over the last few decades. Spa facilities are being sought not only by the rich and famous, but also by the working individuals. Wish to introduce your best friend to this good life? Do it with a spa gift basket.
Spa facilities charge for a complete rejuvenation of the senses and tense muscles. The result is an overwhelming feeling of a refreshed being, ready to take on new challenges! They include beauty treatments, too, other than the use of aromatherapy, dedicated massages, and jet bathing facilities.
Beyond the use of specific oils, toners, and the scent power, their facilities enable you to walk out of the facility, feeling the make over in mind and body. Now you can indulge in your own spa treatment right at home and help a loved one to indulge too!
There are a number of dedicated accessories that can be assimilated while putting together a gift hamper. These can be bought online as well as off the market shelves. These components, made with essential oils, are used to heal the senses with their vivid fragrances.

Scented Aromatherapy Candles

These are made with natural ingredients. The aromatic essences are used to extend the naturally-occurring purifying properties of the base ingredient, like a flower or nut.
There are a number of dedicated outlets that sell exclusive aromatherapy products, from where you can buy quality aromatherapy candles that are certified and quality-tested by authorities such as those issuing the Certification of Aromatherapy Products or CAP.
The certification is essential to check on since the products are not cheap and this is the only way for you to ensure real value for the investment. The aromas are blended by skilled aromatherapists from natural and potent essential oils and combined with food-grade waxes.

Herbal Therapy Packs

Another great component for the basket is the herbal therapy pack. These are made from cotton chenille and cotton fabric and are usually stuffed with spices, lavender, rice, and even citrus fruit peel, to help soothe and relax.
Ideally, the herbal therapy pack should provide moist and therapeutic heat. They come in their own vinyl travel bags and can be heated in a microwave.

Body Treatment Package

Professionally manufactured and dedicated spa/body treatment products that take care of exfoliation, detox, and extensive healing and conditioning of the skin are an integral part of this treatment. The products include packs made with extracts of mud, seaweed, herbs, paraffin, algae, and, of course, the very popular aloe vera.
The treatment products can be applied or rubbed directly onto the affected area or that intended for healing. In case of the former, the products are marketed as masks or wraps and oils and creams, otherwise. The body masks are made with a combination of essential oils and herbal extracts. They stimulate blood circulation and regeneration of cells.

Paraffin Products to Refurbish the Body

There is an extensive range of paraffin products available at the stores that exclusively sell gift baskets with treatment products for the body. These products are very popular for their firming and detoxifying properties.
They are known to re-contour and smooth the skin with regular use. These products are made by professionals, who select the herbs according to individual properties and heat them in a special oil-based recipe. The heating process is to optimize the naturally inherent properties within the herbs which is then infused with the paraffin.

Other Components

Your spa hamper could also include salt glows that exfoliate and soften the body, blends of Dead Sea salts and selected oils, essential oil extracts, herbal wrap treatments, soothing and detoxifying herbs.
Herbal treatments for lymphatic and circulatory stimulation, mud masks that allow nutrients and anti-oxidants to be absorbed into the skin, exclusive and classic European Body Treatments, and Thalamer marine-based treatment products. This hamper is guaranteed to make your loved one feel safe, pampered, and special.