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Small Gift Ideas for Men

Small Gift Ideas for Men
A lot of men don't really care much for gifts, by being either bashful or indifferent to the hype of gift-giving. For such a man, receiving a small, thoughtful gift is highly appreciated, where a large, obviously much more expensive one, will leave him feeling uneasy. Here're some ideas you can use for a gift, that he's sure to love.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Oct 04, 2018
There are men who don't like being given gifts; women on the other hand, adore the act of accepting gifts. Just because a gift looks small, doesn't mean it loses its significance; like an expensive pair of cufflinks or diamond earrings―not cheap. Instead of giving him a flat-screen TV or DVD player, tone it down by taking a look at our gift suggestions.
Perfect Gifts for Every Occasion
Bow Tie
You have two options to consider― buy him a single, slightly expensive bow tie; or a reasonably-priced bow-tie set that comes around the same price.
We're leaning more towards option two, since he can switch between the varieties he's presented within, as opposed to wearing just one kind, occasionally. Be sure he's the sort to wear bow ties since not all men can pull off this look effortlessly, without mastering it beforehand.
Cigar Box
Cigar box
If he's fond of smoking cigars, then a box of these is sure to get him excited.
Choose a brand he isn't familiar with, or a flavor he'll like, like chocolate or vanilla, which are the safest blends to opt. The cigars must be from a trusted brand, since the taste and feel will drastically differ between a bad-quality sort, and a good one. Check out customer reviews online, opting for a set that has the best feedback.
Hip Flask
Isolated Flask
Does he complain about how he can't carry alcohol with him while on the go? Has he always wanted a flask but never got around to buying one for himself? Then this gift will leave him more than delighted.
Choose a hip flask that is made from a durable encasing that doesn't tarnish over time, where leather detailing is your best bet for added comfort and style, that will retain its quality for years to come.
Handkerchief Set
Red and white napkin
You'll be stunned at how classy handkerchief sets look, if you walk into the right store. A good set can be found online or from a reputed store, that packages them in an impressive case. Pocket squares too, are a great option for a man who lives for style.
Pocket Notebook and Dictionary
Black notebook for notes
For a woman who loves reading, a man who has an open affair with books is an absolute turn on, especially if he's constantly trying to polish his vocabulary, or engrossed in back-to-back sessions of playing Scrabble.
Gift him a pocket dictionary that he can carry while on the go, giving him a good reason to reach for it if he's ever stumped midst speech. The pocket notebook will help him keep tab on new words he's heard, or take quick notes when he's not at his desk at the office or if his cellphone isn't on him.