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Small Gift Ideas

Madhura Pandit Oct 24, 2018
Are you looking for some ideas to gift a friend, a lover, or a business associate? Presented below are ideas on cute and small gifts.
The tradition of giving a gift dates back to thousands of years. It was one of the most common traditions followed in nearly all parts of the world, in all the civilizations.
Even today, a gift is given as a token on every significant occasion in a person's life. It symbolizes love and care for the person, and hence, however, the gift, it is still appreciated by the receiver.

Gifts for Women

Makeup Tote

Makeup kits or makeup totes are available in myriad varieties, colors, sizes, etc., with a wide range of price depending on the number and quality of products present in it.

Gourmet Food Packs

If the lady in question is a foodie, a great cook, or simply a connoisseur, you can gift her a food package or gift baskets of gourmet products.
Pasta sauces, gourmet coffee, barbecue sauces, bread mixes, spices, etc., can be gifted. This can be accompanied with a good cookbook. The prices vary according to the products.


Chocolates can be called a woman's best friend, next to diamonds.
A chocolate box or chocolate cookies or even a small chocolate cake are some of the best gift ideas for your girlfriend. Remember to tie it with a red ribbon and you have hit the mark.
You can get chocolates in expensive as well as inexpensive varieties.

Nail Polish Kit

Nail art is equally popular among kids, teenagers, and adults. A nail polish kit is one of the best gift ideas for women and cute small girls.
Nail polishes in sober or vibrant colors, nail polish remover, nail art pen, etc., can be gifted together or separately.

Gifts for Men

Beer/Coffee Mug

A beer or a coffee mug (if he is a teetotaler) is one of the best gifts for guys and men. These are found in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. You can even look for personalized mugs with the person's name or initials engraved on them.


A clock is one of the most useful gifts that can be given to a person. An alarm clock, a table clock, clock with pen stand, etc., can be gifted to men.
Customized clocks with engraved names are available in the market. For an expensive version, you can buy a trendy wrist watch for your guy friend or boyfriend.


Stationery is yet another useful gift for guys.
Stylish monogrammed pens, creative calendars, notepads, etc., are some of the options. These gift ideas are of the impersonal type and can be gifted to business associates, colleagues, or employees.

Music CDs

If the concerned person is fond of music and cinema, then gifting him DVDs or CDs is a good idea. However, you should be aware of his tastes and preferences before considering this gift. A single or a pack of CDs can be got at reasonable prices.

Gifts for Kids


A deck of cards is one of the best small gift ideas for kids.
You can even gift small board games, frisbee, skipping rope (jump rope), etc. Videos games sets or CDs of PC games are some expensive options.


Whether it's a soft toy or a modern gadget based one, toys are always a favorite with the kids.
If you can't think of anything else, or are short on time, toys as gifts for kids would always be a hit.

Christmas Ornaments

Attractive Christmas ornaments that are to be put in a stocking can also be a good option for small gifts for kids. Personalized ornaments like toys, plaques, glass balls, advent calendars, etc., can be gifted to kids.
Lastly, one should remember that whatever the occasion, the idea or the concept of gifting is more valuable and precious than the value of the gift. Remember, this gesture of yours will definitely be appreciated.