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Religious Wedding Gifts

Religious Wedding Gifts

If you're looking for some religious wedding gifts, this article will surely help you out. The paragraphs below will throw light on some religious wedding presents for five major religions in the world today. Check them out!
Neha Joshi
Weddings mark the beginning of a life filled with togetherness and eternal marital bliss. It is a ticket you buy to embark on a journey towards making a family and leading an inspirational life. To congratulate the bride and groom on this special occasion, deviate from the standard presents to show how much you care. Unique presents such as religious wedding gifts, come with a meaning that none other can match. They are always remembered and definitely valued above the rest. Religious gifts symbolize love that is guarded by virtues. Let's take a look at some religious presents for a wedding, that you can gift to your loved ones.

Religious Gifts for Weddings

Christian Wedding Gifts
They say, matches are made in heaven. So, if it was God's divine plan to get your friends together, then you sure can provide them with some inspiration with great religious wedding gifts. For a Christian wedding, look out for pottery items with engraved religious scriptures, wall crosses, photo frame with motivational quotes from the Bible, bracelets or jewelry items representing religious symbols and walls hangings with quotes. You can personalize these gifts by picking up the quotes by yourself.

Jewish Wedding Gifts
Weddings in Judaism mostly receive gifts that are religious by nature than any other category. If you want to gift something that is religious and yet a gift to someone with a Jewish faith, you can present them with gifts that have Judaism religious symbols engraved in them. A few examples of these symbols would be the enneagram, the menorah and the Star of David. Another option here is to gift them jewelry with the Hebrew consonants YHWH. These consonants depict the name of God as it was revealed to Moses. A Sefer Torah would top the list of religious gifts here.

Hindu Wedding Gifts
Hindu wedding gifts are very diverse as there are a lot of castes and sub castes in this religion. However, gifting gold is considered holy and auspicious in almost all the castes. Any artifact or good with the symbol of 'Aum' or the 'Swastic' can be generally considered holy. We generally know the caste of the people getting married and this would surely make it easier for us to choose a gift. You can gift the couple an idol of the particular God they worship. This would be a truly meaningful gift as the couple can then keep this idol at the place of worship/temple in their new home.

Islamic Wedding Gits
Islamic weddings are usually considered a very religious affair and this makes it important for us to pick up the very best as our gift. The best gift for the couple would be any artifact that has the verses of the Holy Quran engraved in it. Gifting the Holy Quran itself would be a brilliant idea, specially if the wedding is taking place in a non-Islamic country. Gift pieces that have the crescent moon or the name of Prophet Mohammad would also be considered as respected religious gifts. If you have a very high budget, you can actually gift the couple a trip to Mecca, something which would top the list of religious gifts.

Buddhist Wedding Gifts
Buddhist weddings are simple ceremonies and gifts are not a common affair. Buddhism preaches nirvana which is the liberation from all materialistic pleasures because of which the concept of gifting is often debated. If you still want to gift something to the couple getting married, you can gift them a idol of Gautam Buddha or any Buddhist pieces of home decor. Gifting money in the denominations ending with 1 are also considered religious gifts.

I hope this information on religious wedding gifts helped you in picking up the best gift possible. You can to be very careful when you pick up a religious gift as you don't know what can turn offensive, specially if you don't belong to the same religious group. Religious and spiritual gifts are meaningful and this makes it more right to gift something of this nature at a wedding, which is the start of a new life for two people. You can also ask the couple if they want something in specific to make your job easier or even consult elders who belong the religion in question.