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Pre-Owned Chanel Handbags: A Great Gifting Option

Codogirl Nov 27, 2019
Every woman wants a Chanel handbag; their timeless silhouettes, luxurious quality and gleaming hardware makes them so appealing. That's the reason they can be a great gifting option. But, aren't they costly? How can you give gift Chanel without breaking the bank? The answer is buying a pre-owned Chanel handbag from a reputable, authenticated reseller.

You Save A Lot of Money!

New Chanel handbags cost several thousand dollars. When you buy pre-owned bags, you can save up to 70% off retail, and if you’re doing business with a reputable reseller, the handbag will be in good condition.

It’s A Sustainable Choice!

Fashion is one of the dirtiest and most environmentally hazardous industries. Most of the pollution and emissions come from the production process, so skipping the production phase altogether by giving new life to a pre-owned handbag significantly lowers its carbon footprint.

It’s A Gift to Last!

Chanel handbags are made with superior quality. Unlike cheaper bags that disintegrate with use, Chanel handbags will literally last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Not Just A Gift, But An Investment!

You may be saving a lot of money off of retail prices, but keep in mind that Chanel bags tend to retain value over time. Some timeless models, like black Chanel flap bags appreciate over time! Today’s gift can be tomorrow’s asset.

Shopping Pre-owned Equals More Variety

If you walk into a Chanel store, you will find only the handbags from the current collection. However, if you shop from an authenticated reseller, you can browse handbags spanning several collections and rare vintage bags unlikely to be spotted anywhere else.
Give her a gift that is unique, something that she knows she is the only one carrying. The only downside? How will you outdo yourself on the next birthday, holiday or anniversary when she’s in love with the Chanel handbag you just gifted her.