Popular Gifts 2012

Popular Gifts of 2012 That Were Really Classy and Meaningful

A new year starts and we need new ideas for gifts this year? No problem. Here are some of the most popular gifts that you can pick up from and have a whole range of exquisite gifts to gift this year.
Every year brings with it several festivals and several reasons for celebration. There are birthdays, housewarming parties, graduation ceremonies, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween...and the list goes on and on. Now what do all these occasions have in common? Gifts! Each of these occasions needs to have gifts. As the trend goes, usually, we begin the hunt for that perfect gift when the event is a few days (or hours) away. Instead of doing that, why not have a list of the most popular gifts 2012 ready and waiting? That way, you can plan a gift way in advance before the actual event and have time for considering and pondering over the perfect gift ideas for women, men, teenagers...you get the drift.

In this following article, we shall look through some of these popular gifts and help you chalk out a list of the gifts that will work perfectly well for any occasion.

Popular Gifts for Women 2012

The problem with 'gifts for women' is not that there is a dearth of gift choices, it's that there's way too many options to choose from. The confusion that can follow as a result of which is (then) but obvious. Here are some ideas that you can follow.
  • Lingerie
  • Vintage movie and theater poster
  • Jewelry sets. Experiment with different stones and textures
  • Designer bag
  • Perfume
  • Luxury watche
  • High-end luxury products like branded soaps and lotions
  • Day spa treatment
  • Holiday package
  • Adventure sports lessons (paragliding, parasailing
  • Gift certificates for book store
  • Cocktail dresse
  • Electronic Gadgets (Tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod etc)
  • Exercise Ki
  • Fancy Headphone
  • Stainless Steel designer water bottles
  • Photo frame that has a photo with special effects
These are some of the choices that you can make when it comes to gifting the best gifts for women this year.

Most Popular Gifts for Men 2012

When it comes to buying gifts for men, most women (and men) are dumbfounded. Buying a man something can get really confusing. Seriously. Either we come up with something that is really, really generic like toiletries and shirts or something that is completely off the mark. So off the mark, in fact, that a lot of 'Should I - Shouldn't I' will follow. How can we go about solving this? Simple. Adopt the wide range of gift ideas that have been provided in this following section. Here are some of the same.
  • Fitness equipmen
  • Membership to expensive and high-end fitness centers
  • Adventure sports lessons (River rafting, sky-diving
  • Gadgets and electronic
  • Gift certificates to brand stores for clothes
  • Paid trips and vacations
  • A bottle of low-edition alcohol
  • Phone accessorie
These were some of the top gifts for men that you can take ideas from for planning that special gift.

Popular Gifts for Teenagers 2012

Teenagers. One moment you think you can gift them a Barbie doll or a toy car or something akin to that and the next minute you realize that they have already passed that stage. So then what are some of the most popular gifts that you can give them? Here's our favorite pickings from the top gifts for teens.
  • Subscription to magazines for a year or more
  • Cars (Second hand maybe, but definitely one of the most popular gifts in 2012
  • Paid vacation
  • Luxury watches and clothe
  • Latest in video games and electronic goods
And there you have it, some of the most popular gifts that have been laid out for you to choose from. Now no matter what the occasion or the celebration, you can go through some of the choices that have been given in this article and gift that someone special something that is even more special. Have a good year of gifting ahead.