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Photo Gift Ideas

Photo Gift Ideas

Photo gifts are the best personalized gifts you can give someone on a special occasion. Here are some of the best and unique photo gift ideas which you can opt for.
Mamta Mule
A special moment, occasion or an achievement makes you think of celebration, wishes and gifts. Gifts are the best part of a celebration, no matter how small or big the reason behind it is. Well, opting for a unique gift each time might be a really difficult task. Moreover, if you want to give a personalized gift then, the same needs to be really unique and thoughtful. So, how about some photo gifts? There are a number of beautiful gifts which you can opt for. Go through the unique ideas mentioned below and greet your near and dear ones in the most special way.

Photo Collage

If you are looking for homemade gifts, to give a special touch to the piece, then a collage art done using photographs is something that you can always prepare. For making this gift, you need a collection of photographs of the person for whom you are preparing the gift, his/ her family members, friends and a few such photographs related to him/ her. Now depending upon the number of photographs you have, take a rectangular or square piece of black or maroon canvas. Just cut out the figures in these photographs, leaving aside the backgrounds. If you have a large number of pics, just use face cut-outs from the pics. Take craft glue and stick these cut-outs on the canvas. Remember the best pic can be enlarged and glued in the center to form the focus and rest of the snaps can be glued all around it. Done? Look you have an amazing photo collage ready. Frame it to give a decent look, pack and get ready to surprise the receiver!

Photo Movie

You need family photographs, single and group pics of each member of your family. Once you have this collection, scan the pics if they are in print form and get ready to make a photo movie. Get a blank DVD for this purpose. Well, make sure you know each ones name in case of those who are from the older generations, you can take help from one of your family member. Now, make a movie from your still pics, add music, captions and titles, some quotes in between will be a good addition. Wrap it nicely and gift it. Directly load the DVD, and start the movie after the celebrations are over to see those surprised faces.

Photo Skins

There are a number of websites offering photo skins which can be applied on a laptop, cell phone, iPod, PDA or MP3 player. Skins add a style element to the personal electronics and protect its surface. These skins are easy to be applied or removed and can be ordered to fit your device rightly.

Photo Dairy

This one of the romantic, personalized idea for that special someone in your life. Collect the photographs, the memories of times you spent together. Arrange them date wise. Now take a book with blank glossy pages or take a dairy and start pasting each of these photographs on a new page. Place each one in creative way, tilted or in different corners, at the bottom or top of the page. Now fill in rest of the place by writing the date, or the special thing about the moment when this pic was clicked. You can also write some cute love quotes or poems and the person is going to feel really special. Tie a beautiful red satin lace to it and wrap it nicely.

Other Gifts

Apart from the above mentioned gift ideas, you can also opt for some simple and inexpensive gift ideas. One of these is to get a photograph printed on the T-shirt, mugs, or key-chains. A personalized photo calendar is also a common idea where you can have 12 different pics for each month of the calendar. There are a number of websites offering this service where you also have options in size and designs of calendars. You can also go for canvas photo printing. Of course the digital photo frame can't be forgotten.

These photo gifts are sure to be liked by the receiver. Pick the one, which you feel is the best gift, wrap it and present it with a beautiful smile. The receiver will definitely love such an amazing personalized gift.
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