Personalized Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Personalized gifts are remembered and cherished by any teenage girl. Here are a few personalized gift ideas.
GiftinGlory Staff
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2018
Many find buying a gift for teenage girls a difficult task. Teenage is a transitional phase, when an adolescent girl is on the road to self-discovery and graduates to go on and become a young lady. A teenage girl has her own likes and dislikes. So, before you buy her a gift, it is important that you know about them.
If you are planning to give her a personalized gift, get to know a few things about her such as her favorite color, her hobby, favorite accessory, and so on. Look at some ideas mentioned here and draw your inspiration.
Are you good at embroidery or fabric painting? Get a set of white or any soft-colored handkerchiefs and have the initials of the girl embroidered or painted on it. However, if you are not good at either embroidery or fabric painting, you may approach a handicraft shop. Here you can place an order for custom-made embroidered handkerchiefs.
Gift box with headphones on wooden table
Music is something that a teenage girl would love and she would love to receive an Apple iPod or an MP3 player. Get her an MP3 player and also record some of her favorite songs before wrapping it up.
CD and jewel case
Another option is to get a CD case/bag in which she can arrange her CDs neatly. However, do not forget to write her name on the CD case. Believe me, she would be thrilled at this gesture.
If she is a sports-loving person, you can get her a branded holdall with her name stamped on it. For instance, if she is an aspiring amateur tennis player, you can get her a few accessories such as a wristband, a tennis racket, and Turkish towels with her name embroidered on them.
Beautiful lake
Even if you are an amateur painter, you can try and paint a beautiful scenic picture for her bedroom. You can be assured she would be thrilled to see a painting done by you hanging on the wall in her room. It would remind her of you each time she looks at it.
Cup and red hearts
Else, you can also gift her a coffee mug with a funny and amusing line about her.
Antique album
Most of the gifts that a teenage girl receives on various occasions are discarded after some time. There are a few gifts that she would treasure her entire lifetime and one such gift is her photographs. If you have a collection of her photographs of rare and most cherished moments, you can compile an album for her.
Christmas Gift Certificate
If you are unsure about the brand of cosmetic she uses, you can always give her a gift certificate of her favorite store or the local shop she frequents. This would allow her the freedom to choose whatever she likes. To personalize it, try making the envelope of the gift certificate yourself.
Fashion Jewelry
If she is a person who loves costume jewelry, you can always gift her a semi-precious finger ring or a pair of earrings.
Spa still life
A box of scented candles for her bedroom would also make an awesome gift idea. It would make her happy and she would enjoy the aroma of the candles after a hectic day.
Woman Skiing In The Alps
If she is an adventurous person, old enough to travel alone, give her a holiday ticket with the basic expenses covered. She would be totally enthralled.
Like kids, teenagers also love to unwrap their gifts, packed in glossy gift wrappers. Give her a bearer's check or some cash as gift if you are not sure of what to get her.