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Personalized Gifts for Kids

Neha Joshi Feb 9, 2019
Thought only adults had a thing for all things personalized? Nah! Kids love them too. Here are some ideas to personalize great gifts.
Want to gift your little one something that she can call her own? Something unique―a little gift nobody else has got till now. While personalizing gifts, you have two options. First, you can buy something special and then personalize it. Second, you can make something on your own and then add something to it, to personalize it. Let's look at a few options.

A Painted Mug

Most of the time, you get mugs in gift shops with a sun sign mentioned on it. Some shops also write the names for you. If you want it to be more personalized, you can decorate it yourself.
You can get photographs done of the mug along with names. You can also get the sun sign along with the photograph. Make sure you buy your kid's favorite color. Superheroes are another option. You can buy paint and create something on the mug together with your child.

A Goodie Jar

Buy a simple, transparent jar. Decorate this jar as well as you can. Draw some nice stuff on it, probably the kids favorite cartoon character. After that, write his/her name nicely on it.
You can also decorate the jar according to some theme. After that is done, fill it with goodies. Make sure you buy a big size; kids love big gifts. After all the goodies have been used, your child can keep the jar to store some of his/her favorite things.

A Photo Album

The photo album is one of the best handmade gifts for kids. Collect photographs that capture a special moment and make a photo album out of it. Put in some special things such as cards they made or letters they wrote.
Some parents collect such things. It is time to utilize them now. You might also have their first progress report or the first alphabet they wrote. Put in all these memories and make a photo album or a scrapbook.

A Bag

Buy a school bag for your child and add stickers/badges of his/her favorite cartoon characters to it. Also, make sure the bag is his/her favorite color.
To personalize the bag, you can add a creatively-made tag mentioning your child's name. Depending on the material, you can also knit your child's name on the bag. Something great to show off in school? Hell yeah!

Knit it!

Knitted cardigans, mufflers, headbands, etc., make for cheap personalized and homemade gifts. Winters is a time for knitted clothes and accessories.
Gifting something that has great utility is one of the best gifts you can think of. Considering the age, clothes can work as really good gifts. Knit the initials of your kid on that particular knitted piece, to make it personalized.
Personalized gifts make for unique presents. You can also make a quilt for your kid and get his/her name stitched on it. There are many ideas after all, aren't there?