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Personalized Gifts for Him

Personalized Gifts for Him
Personalized gifts are more meaningful than regular store-bought ones. Here are some great ideas for you to make your boyfriend a special customized gift.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019
Gift With Flowers
A gift that has been customized by you will definitely be valued by your boyfriend a lot more than something bought from a store. You don't need a special occasion to give someone a personalized present.
You can simply give him what you made as a token of love. Being skilled at art and crafts is an advantage for those who are looking forward to transform an ordinary gift into something extraordinary.
Personalized presents should be creative and unique. You can make some really good things if you have the right craft tools and materials ready at hand. You can also come up with some gag gifts that will be funny and humorous. Apart from this, you could also customize a sentimental and thoughtful present for him.
Monogrammed Tie
Tie On White
A tie is considered to be a very sophisticated present irrespective of the person you are giving it to. Purchase a tie made from a superior quality fabric, like satin or silk.
Leave the front side as it is and embroider the fabric inside. You can stitch the first letter of his name or a cute love message. First sketch it with pencil and then stitch over it.
Superhero Art
Your boyfriend would love to be sketched like a superhero. This requires a little bit of painting skills because not only will you need to paint your favorite superhero on a canvas, but you will have to replace the face with your boyfriend's.
This would be a unique customized present. Instead of drawing it on a canvas, you can also draw it on cardboard and then crop the outline of it. Place it inside a box and give it to him.
Designed Money Clip
Money in Money Clip
A money clip customized with a delicate design looks exquisite. You can buy a fiber clip or pick one that contains an antique design.
Paint a logo or symbol that is abstract and at the same time represents your undying love for your man. Painting the cross of Jesus or laughing Buddha would make it a rare piece. Put it inside a copper box and wrap it before giving to him.
Engraved Wine Glass
Engraved wineglass
The concept of giving mugs and coffee cups customized with your pictures is very popular. Try something different by buying a set very fine quality glass wine glasses. Get the glass engraved with both of your names or royally embossed with gold or silver. We are sure your boyfriend would love this idea. Make sure you handle the piece with care.
Inscribed Promise Ring
Inscribed Promise Ring
A promise ring would be a symbol of your commitment and love. Instead of giving the ring to him right after buying it, you can spare some time to customize it.
A promise ring would be the perfect present to get a love message inscribed. Pick a short phrase (e.g. 'I love you', 'forever yours', 'my love') that would look good on the ring, and ask the jewelry designer to engrave it. Put the ring in a jewelry box and give it to him with love.
Customized presents are so much more special than regular store-bought ones. Make any of these, and your boyfriend is sure to love it.