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Personalized Gifts for Boyfriend

Madhumita Shivade Apr 19, 2019
Did you just miss out on Valentine's Day because your boyfriend was not in town? If you have, you can make it up by giving him a personalized gift.
Gifts are the best ways to tell someone how much you love them. And the gifts that are made by our special ones, all by themselves are the best. If you are torn between what to buy and what not to buy for your boyfriend, stop these thoughts right away and make your own personalized gift for him.

Message in a Bottle

Keep the bottle of wine that you had together. Wash it and let it dry completely from inside. Burn the edges of an A4-sized paper and write a letter to him on this sheet. Roll this paper, put it in the wine bottle, and gift it to him.


If you are good at knitting, knit a warm, fuzzy sweater, scarf, hat, socks, etc., for him.


You'll have to do this a few days before the birthday. Make a scrapbook that has maximum 4 pages. Keep a bunch of post-its with you some days prior to the gifting day. Whenever you think of him, write your thoughts down on the post-its, and paste them in your scrapbook.
Let the size of the post-its be a little smaller so that you can stick many. Decorate the scrapbook with sequins, ribbons, stickers, etc., and with a cover page having a picture of both of you.

'Mug' It!

Buy a mug and paint it as you like. Fill it with coffee beans, place it in the center of a transparent plastic sheet, and fold up all the sides of it. Tie a ribbon so that it looks like a sack and your gift is ready!


Gift boxes have always rocked all the lists of gift ideas. Valentine's boxes are cute gifts for him. Make your own Valentine's boxes using your creativity and gift them to your boyfriend.


Making a picture frame is worth all the cutting and pasting that is required. Make a picture frame on your own. Or simply buy one and decorate it yourself. Decorate the border of the frame with shells, small colorful stones, ceramic flowers, or cartoons.
If these options don't work for you, simply paint the picture frame in his favorite color and decorate it in designs using sparkle tubes.


Indulge in chocolate making. Make different types of chocolates. Make them in various shapes and wrap them using creative gift wrapping ideas.

Pen Stand

Make a pen stand out of a bottle. Cut the bottle in such a way that the lower portion of the bottle can be used as a pen stand. Decorate it by wrapping it up in a color paper, or paint it with oil paints. Now stick some sequins around the box.
If you find the pen stand empty without any pens in it, why not make the pens on your own?


Get a few pen refills from any stationery shop. Start wrapping the refills with satin ribbons till the refills are rolled and covered tightly with the ribbons. Roll the satin ribbons in this way till the whole thing looks like a pen. Glue the end of the ribbon neatly. These pens will make great gifts for your boyfriend.

Gift Baskets

If you feel that you can make all the mentioned gifts and want to gift him all, place them in a basket and give it to him. Buy a cane basket and load it with all gifts.
Also include homemade Valentine's cards (don't just put 2 or 3, put as many as you can, say about 10 to 15 of them), and fill the basket with all the chocolates that you have made.
All these ideas will work well and you can predict his reactions when he receives the gift. After all, great surprises always come in handy.