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Personalized Gifts for a Best Friend

Uttara Manohar Apr 29, 2019
Personalizing a gift is a fun activity where the receiver will no doubt see how thoughtful you were to go through all that trouble. Discover ways on how to go about doing this with the many ideas on how to personalize a gift for a best friend.
When you're weary, feeling small,
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;
I'm on your side.
When times get rough
and friends just can't be found,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down. 
Often when we listen to this Simon and Garfunkel classic, we think of my best friends, since it is times when we are feeling low, that we know how lucky we are to have someone to comfort us, stand by us, see our dreams through our eyes, celebrate our victories, and share our pain like their own.
At times when you are feeling low, or when you need some sound advice, or even just need someone to hear you out, or when you are in a party mood and want to let your hair down and have a blast- no matter what, your best friend will always be there!
Best friends mean a lot to us, and there are several occasions when you can express your feelings and let them know how much they mean. Birthday, graduation, new job, first car, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, often at times you don't even need an occasion to celebrate your friendship!
Well as we know, best friends come in all shapes and sizes, listed here are a few options, which are categorized into seven types according to characteristic personality traits and/or hobbies. We are sure you'll find one that is just apt for your buddy.

The Foodie

If your friend is a true foodie, then you can create a personalized gourmet delight for him/her. Gourmet gifts like chocolates, wine bottles, etc., can all be personalized to make the gift extra special.
Imagine the look on your friend's face when he/she gets a wine bottle personalized with her/his name and even a small message from you. Similarly, you can also personalize their favorite candy bars, potato chips, cheese, roasted nuts, and even cookies and pretzels. A personalized gourmet delight gift basket can include any or all the items mentioned earlier.
In case he/she is passionate about cooking, you can add cookbooks and kitchen appliances as well. To add the finishing touch to your gift, you can get a personalized delicious chocolate cake to go with the gift basket. We are sure you'll get a perfect 10 from your foodie friend!

The Sports Enthusiast

If your best friend just can't get enough of his/her daily sports dose, here is a gift idea that will be perfect! In case he plays a specific sport regularly, you can get personalized sports equipment and accessories as a gift.
For instance which golf-lover wouldn't go gaga over a pair of personalized golf clubs, in a personalized golf bag with golf cap and t-shirt? In case your buddy loves swimming, you can also arrange for swimming sprees at exotic locales and gift some personalized swimwear as well.
In case he is a great fan of some particular team, then tickets for a game might be the ultimate gift that she/he will truly appreciate. If she/he is into adventure sports you can also arrange for personal adventure sports lessons for your friend!

The Bookworm

If your pal loves to read, read and read, then you got no choice but to hit the bookstore. But then, how can you personalize this gift? Well there are several ways.
Firstly, if he/she enjoys a particular contemporary author, then getting a copy personally autographed by the author might be the best gift ever! In case that is not possible, you can always personalize a paperback or a hardbound edition with your friend's name.
To make the gift more interesting you can have personalized bookmarks and bookends as add-ons to the books. Another interesting idea would be to create a personalized book with pictures of your friend and messages and poems put together. Remember that the key to finding the perfect gifts is making ordinary gifts special with extra efforts.

The Workaholic

Is your friend working double shifts? Is she/he the type who would rather work than do anything else at all? Well, then it is time you treated him/her to a refreshing break from work. Stress relief gifts are great for workaholics. In addition to this, you can always get personalized tools for him/her.
For example, if he/she works on a computer, then a laptop or any other personalized computer accessories can be a great gift. A personalized briefcase, personalized organizers, personalized alarm clocks, etc., might be some of the other gifts that will make your workaholic friend happy.
Consider his/her profession and give him/her tools that are pertinent to his/her job. Further, arranging for a refreshing break for a pleasant holiday or even a short spa treatment might be a great idea.

The Gizmo Geek

If latest mobile phones or coolest iPods are some of the things your friend will be amused about, then gifting him/her would be an expensive affair for sure! But, if you have big bucks, then there is no dearth of options in this category.
A personalized iPod with the name engraved on it is the latest thing in music players. Sleek home theater systems, laptops, and mobile phones might be next in the line. Check which gadget your friend is eying currently, and surprise her/him with your stylish and perfect gift!

The Fashion Diva (for girls)

You can give a bag of different items, like an outfit, makeup, jewelry, beauty products, and whatever else you know she will love. In case your friend is brand conscious, get the products of the brand she loves.
Lip-gloss, lip colors, perfumes, jewelry, fashionable bags, clothes and scarves - buy all the things you can afford. Roll these things into a gift basket, and add a personalized card for her. Your fashion diva would already be showing off her million dollar smile!

The Movie Lover

In case your buddy is a total movie-buff, then you need a gift that is all about movies.
Pick up the most popular movies from the DVD store, but again don't forget to check which ones are already in his/her collection and which ones she/he is craving for. Classic movies, and even television soaps are now available on DVDs, make sure you know your friend's favorites before you hit the DVD store.
Also remember not to stick to movie and music DVDs and CDs alone, always have some interesting add-ons to your gift. In this case, try hunting for vintage movie posters, which are not only great collectibles, but the ultimate way for a movie buff to decorate his/her room. In addition to this, coffee table books related to movies can also be a great addition.

The Mushy

If your friend is a very sentimental person, who believes in valuing and cherishing relationships, then it is very unlikely that any of the mentioned gifts would suit her/him. This is the type, which is extremely difficult to shop for.
In fact, often shopping is the last solution when you are gift-hunting for such people. Personalized gift will take a whole new meaning here; it has to be a gift that is created by you exclusively for him/her.
Gather a bunch of old photographs, get some beautiful art paper, and create a memorable scrapbook with photographs, hand written messages, and any other decorative ideas that you have.
In case you are techno-savvy, create a personalized video, photograph slideshow, a song list of his/her favorite songs, and create a truly personalized CD that your friend can cherish forever.
When it comes to finding a perfect gift for your friend, always think with your heart and do not hesitate to shell out a few extra bucks. After all, your best friend deserves the best gift!